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Dribbble Icons

Dribbble Icon Design Inspiration


Flat icon design does not mean boring – Dribbble Icon Design Examples Indeed, flat design can be beautiful and charming, attractive in its purity and simplicity. In a context of an over-abundance of information products, flat design can appear as an island of calm, stability and clarity. Many designers use the method of “almost” flat… Read more »

Illustrator Icon Design Tutorial

Step by Step Illustrator Icon Design Tutorial


In this Illustrator icon design tutorial we look at creating a small set of ‘almost flat‘ icons from scratch. First, open the Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Then create a rounded rectangle using Rounded Rectangle Tool with: Width:200px; Height:155px; Corner Radius:10px. After that create another Rectangle with: Width:36px; Height:36px; Rotate it 45°. Unite… Read more »

Android App Icons

36 Awesome Android App Icon Designs


So here it is… I am very slowly falling in love with Android. This romance is still in its early stages. I am still metaphorically stealing glances from afar, working my way up to my ‘big move’. You see, I have been having a lukewarm affair with iOS for some years now. Never an Apple… Read more »

Custom Icons

Custom Icons – 10 Bespoke Icon style examples


Bespoke Icon Design Although a good proportion of the icon design projects we work on follow an established icon style, such as those found in mobile Apps like iOS and Android or desktop software icons like Microsoft Office and Windows 7, the greatest demand is generally for custom icons in a unique style. Despite the… Read more »

Comic Icons

Comic Style Icon Design & Illustration


Here is another great comic style illustration from David, one of my favourite Icon Designers at Creative Freedom. This time we have a Super-Villain with a decidedly bad temper which I am sure fans of the 2000 A.D. Comic will have no trouble recalling. Comic Style Icon DesignJudge Dredd Icons & IllustrationAs a kid I… Read more »

Desktop Icon

25 Delectable Desktop Icon Designs


A look back at some of our historical Desktop Icon projects Before the advent of mobile devices a desktop icon was either a Windows application icon or a Mac application icon, both being used as graphical short-cuts to launch a software application or utility. Nowadays we have a plethora of mobile devices, tablets and other… Read more »

Almost Flat Icons

44 inspirational Almost Flat Icon Designs


The evolution of the flat icon design, to the ‘Almost Flat’ Icon Style OK, it’s time to nail my colours to the wall. Sorry, but I don’t like the flat icon style. I think they are boring and bland. When they first started appearing and even worse started becoming popular, I did get a little… Read more »

Flat Icon Design

Flat Icons: a trend in Icon Design


Flat design has become very popular recently. Many websites utilise the principles of  flat design and simplify their interfaces accordingly. Indeed, many recent user interface redesigns and new websites use a flat design; this trend has begun to appear almost everywhere, both on websites and in applications. Icons are also keeping pace with the times,… Read more »

Free Icons

Free Icons!


We have added another lovely set of free icons to our site. These gorgeous Windows Icons were designed by Maryna. Free Windows IconsI am really pleased with this set and hope to eventually produce a much larger set we can sell on the site. Despite the recent shift in trend towards flat icons, I hope… Read more »

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