Here is another great comic style illustration from David, one of my favourite Icon Designers at Creative Freedom. This time we have a Super-Villain with a decidedly bad temper which I am sure fans of the 2000 A.D. Comic will have no trouble recalling.

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As a kid I was always a fan of 2000 A.D. The characters were so much cooler and more ‘real’ than the American Marvel or DC type Heroes. Rogue Trooper was probably my favourite at that time but I always had time for Judge Dredd. The recent movie with Karl Urban was a pretty good representation of the original comic character, certainly far better than Stallone’s rather camp effort.

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Batman. Did you spill my pint?

Did you spill my pint?

For me there is something decidedly un-British about a super-hero who cannot be beaten (Superman etc.) but you absolutely cannot take anything away from Batman, Dark, Flawed and absolutely brutal. I mean seriously, would you want to spill this fella’s pint down the pub?

It is actually quite surprising how many commercial icon design projects we have had over the years where the client demanded an icon style with a comic-strip look and feel, and David is always my first port of call.

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