A look back at some of our historical Desktop Icon projects

Before the advent of mobile devices a desktop icon was either a Windows application icon or a Mac application icon, both being used as graphical short-cuts to launch a software application or utility.

Nowadays we have a plethora of mobile devices, tablets and other niche devices to consider and although any ‘computer’ home screen is generally termed the ‘desktop’, I am not sure how relevant the term is any more, even if you do still use a desktop-based computer.

For me, the term is fairly synonymous with a Windows application icon. When a client asks for a desktop icon, 99% of the time this is what they are after. To be Windows 7 or 8 compliant this means at least 256, 48, 32 & 16 pixel versions in 32bit and 8bit colour depths, all rendered into a single ICO file.

Below are examples of some of the desktop icons we have created over the years. Almost all of these have been for Windows platforms, although a few were also used as the basis for web icons and mobile app variants as well. Putting this little list together makes me realise how diverse our customer base has been over the years; it always keeps things interesting.

A big smug grin for whoever guesses the oldest one here. Now be kind, some of these icon designs are really quite old!

Scientific Icons Scientific Icon

O2 Desktop Icons Communications Icon

Hospitality Desktop Icons Hospitality Desktop Icon

Accountancy Software Desktop Icons Accountancy Software Icon

DNA Analysis Desktop Icons DNA Analysis Icon

Financial Trading Desktop Icons Financial Trading Icon

Marine Surveying Desktop Icons Marine Surveying Icon

File Finder Desktop Icons File Finder Icon

Plant Design Desktop Icons Plant Design Icon

Plant Management Desktop Icons Plant Management Icon

Plant Design Desktop Icons Plant Design Desktop Icon

File Search Desktop Icons File Search Icon

Medical Networking Desktop Icons Medical Networking Icon

Malvern Desktop Icons Malvern Desktop Icon

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Construction Management Desktop Icons Construction Management Desktop Icon

Personnel Management Desktop Icons Personnel Management Desktop Icon

Marine Construction Desktop Icons Marine Construction Desktop Icon

Brewing Software Desktop Icons Brewing Software Desktop Icon

Ship Building Desktop Icons Ship Building Desktop Icon

Data Services Desktop Icons Data Services Desktop Icon

Terrain Mapping Desktop Icons Terrain Mapping Desktop Icon

Effects Software Desktop Icons Effects Software Desktop Icon

Music Streamer Desktop Icons Music Streamer Desktop Icon

Construction Software Desktop Icons Construction Software Desktop Icon

Accounting Desktop Icons Accounting Desktop Icon

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