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Does your Android Icon work?

Let’s face it there is an awful lot of competition out there and it can be really hard to stand out in a positive way. It is very frustrating when you know your app is so much better than the competition but you just can’t seem to attract the people you know will love it.

Where we can help

Using our specialist experience we can take away that headache and deliver results, quickly and for less than you might think.

Getting your Android app noticed is about using smart design to deliver your message succinctly in an attractive and clean design. We make your icon tell your story and entice people to click.

Adding the right amount of polish to the app with new menu icons and a clearer user interface design will keep people coming back too.

  • We discuss your project & the kind of icons you like
  • Our icon designers produce several concept sketches
  • You choose your favourite & we create a final render
  • If you need some tweaks, no problem
  • Once you are super happy, we render all the sizes you need

With 12 dedicated Android icon designers to choose from and over 18 years specialising in icon design, we have the experience to produce icons that not only look great but clearly convey your message.

Android icons that really convert

All our projects deliver unique custom icons so we don’t have a fixed price list. Cost is based on the complexity & detail of the design and how many concepts you wish to see. Most projects fall between £200 – £300 per App Launcher Icon.

Menu or user interface icons are usually far simpler so expect to pay much less per icon, typically £30-£50/Icon depending on the style. As you would expect, more complex 3D icons can cost more to produce.

Remember you will own all copyright for your finished Android icon.

Want a great Android Icons? talk to Adam