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Icon designer styles are unique and we have selected some of the best to make up our team of 12 icon design specialists.

We give you the choice no other icon design agency can and deliver the perfect icons for your project.

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Icon designer choice? We give you loads! Unlike most icon design companies we don’t have one or two icon designers to choose from. We have twelve dedicated and experienced icon designers. This means whatever icon style you like, we have a tip-top icon designer to fit your needs. Don’t worry though you don’t have to make the decision yourselves. We listen to what you need and cherry-pick the designer or designers that are best suited to your project. Having such a breadth of talent also means we have the capacity to take on huge projects if required. We developed our own Icon Manager software to handle jobs with thousands of icons. So not only do we have some of the World’s best icon designers, we also have the technology to deliver fast.

  • Anna, one of our icon designers
  • Branko, one of our icon designers
  • David, one of our icon designers
  • Joe, one of our icon designers
  • Khahn, one of our icon designers
  • Kev, one of our icon designers
  • Maryna, one of our icon designers
  • Icon Designer - Olga
  • Pete, one of our icon designers
  • Phil, one of our motion graphics designers
  • Tanya, one of our icon designers
  • Icon designer - Trinh

Who doesn’t like choice? We have 12 icon illustrators ready to go

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What makes a great custom icon designer

Finding the right icon designer is the difference between icons that look nice and those that work too. It is not only about producing attractive icons. Each image needs to tell a very precise story, in the least time possible. It needs to scale well and take into consideration where it will be used as well as the audience. Disabilities such as colour blindness must also be considered in any design. Icon designers need to make sure no icon confuses the audience. This is why we offer a choice of experienced designers, each capable of delivering attractive and meaningful icons. All available in a multitude of styles. Once we have discussed your project and taken the time to understand your business needs, we can make the right suggestions. The right style and illustrator you need to develop your unique look and feel. Having 12 dedicated icons designers not only means we can design icons in any style. It also gives us the capacity for large projects or tight deadlines.

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This could be your new cherry-picked icon genius

We are always searching for new talent on portfolio sites like Behance and Dribbble. This keeps us up to date on icon trends and helps us recruit the most talented illustrators out there. That isn’t the end of the story though. Before any new illustrator can work with us they need training by Adam to meet our high standards. Every designer will have their own strengths but we fill in any gaps, making them even better. Great artists are commonplace, skilled icon designers are a rarer and more qualified breed.

Our best icon designers communicate well and understand how to depict complex metaphors. Anyone can draw a pretty picture but it takes skill and experience to design a good icon. Consider how important an App Launcher icon is to selling your App. It not only needs to look fantastic, it must tell you what the App does at a glance. With complex apps that can be a real challenge but when you get it right, sales go up. This is another reason why having several icon illustrators to choose from is ideal. Using more than one icon artist will give you a greater selection of metaphors to choose from. You can make that choice based on what you like or we can test the icon for you and provide data to back up the best option.

Whatever your needs, our icon designers can deliver for less than you might think.

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Are Icons the same as Logos? Icon graphic design is not quite the same as a logo design. Whilst a logo may contain a graphic element often referred to as an ‘icon’, or logo design icon, it’s not the same thing. Designing custom icons does need skill in illustration and metaphor design. But full-on logo design is a much more complex process, requires more time and research. The difference is often confusing so it is worth being clear with your graphic designer – icon or logo.

  • Android app icons diet assistant
    Diet Assistant
  • Flat Style Icons
  • ios app icon bordeaux shopping
    Bordeaux Shopping

Examples of custom iOS icons and custom icons for Android

Icon Designers How we work

After choosing your preferred designers, we follow a simple process. We start with the Style Development stage. We will task two designers with your design brief. They will create one or two unique icons styles and apply them to a small set of your icons. You then review all the styles and choose the designer you would most like to proceed with. They will refine your icons through several rounds of revisions. Once you are completely happy, this new style will is off. The small set of icons now becomes the style template for your remaining icons.

Your icon designer will then move to Icon Production using our Icon Manager software. Icon Manager is a web-based application where you can view and interact with the design process. The designers upload icons which you can review, accept, reject or leave comments. They receive notifications and apply your changes. When the edits are complete you receive a notification and so the process continues. Every change and iteration is visible and everyone can keep track of the project. Using the icon manager speeds up the project process and records everything. All our clients have enjoyed using it and we continue to add new features all the time. For instance you can change the background colour to see how the icons look, or magnify them to see how they scale. There is a powerful search tool for finding the right icon in larger projects. We have used the icon manager on projects with several thousand icons. The power and simplicity of the Icon Manager is a massive time saver for everyone. Tools like this only add to the performance of your custom icon designer and make Creative Freedom stand out from the crowd.

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App Icons

If you want to drive more sales in the App store or just need a good looking desktop icon for your software, we can help.

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User Interface Icons

Interface Icons

Need a graphic design icon set? Whether you need a handful, or thousands of icons designed, we can handle it.

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Web Icons and Illustration Design

Web Icons

Images are so much faster to understand than words. We can graphic design icon for your website.

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