Icon design made simpleThe Icon Manager

We want your experience to be simple and efficient, which is why we created the Icon Manager

Icon Manager benefits

  • view your project and interact with your designer, globally
  • get notified of new icons, edits or comments from your designer
  • approve, reject or leave feedback as your icons are added
  • every step of the project is recorded so you can keep track
  • icon manager is simple to use and saves you time and hassle

What our clients say about Icon Manager

Working with creative freedom was fun and effective, made better by possibly the most efficient project management website I have yet to work with – Icon Manager. The project was delivered on time in full and the creative freedom team were very flexible in accommodating any changesAndrew Holm – Director Matt Black Systems

What is the Icon Manager?

Icon Manager is a web tool developed by Creative Freedom for managing icon design projects.It brings together everyone working on a project – you, your project manager & designers. It provides a central hub where your icon designer can upload icons & you can view them & leave feedback.

You will receive an email whenever new icons are uploaded or the designer has a question for you. In turn we will receive notifications when you leave feedback or confirm/reject designs.

If you wish you can interact in real-time, even over the weekends, from any location whenever you have a few spare minutes. All changes & icon versions are available to view at any time, providing full transparency at all times. You can even download icons to test whenever you wish, or see how they will look on a different background colour.

Icon Manager increases the efficiency of projects massively. It makes life easier for everyone involved & the time saved means we can deliver your project even faster.

Just get in touch with Adam for a live demo, to see how easy your project can be.