Custom Icons Tailor made to fit your brand

Custom icons designed only for you will always look so much better than generic stock icons.

When your icons look great and match your branding, you increase the desire for your products.

Custom icons
Custom icons for Aqualogic
Custom icons for Aveva
Custom icons for Marks and Spencer
Custom icons for Nalpeiron
Custom icons for Edem Solutions

stand out from your competition withbeautiful custom icons

Custom Icons in production, just for you

Our designers create icons to match your brand

Custom icons tell your story like no generic stock icons can. You are individual and so is your company, be unique.

It is tempting to try and shoe-horn in cheap stock icons. The problem is they are a compromise, both of your message and of your brand. Stock icons are cheap because designers draw them to appeal to the most people, so they can sell more. Dozens? Hundreds? – of other companies may be using the same stock icons you are considering. Even if they ‘sort-of’ do the job, they will never look right. Custom icon design will show your clients how you stand out from the crowd, not blend in with it.

Getting a designer to custom design icon illustrations for you will cost more. But they are still great value when you consider what they deliver:

  • Precise communication, even of complex ideas
  • Visual enhancement and improved engagement
  • Strengthen your brand and individuality

From flat icons to 3d icons, we have so many custom icon styles to choose from, check out our icon portfolio for more.

Recent Work Custom Icons
  • Android UI design service
  • App UI Designers
  • Flat icons for M&S
  • V-Ray CAD Icons
  • User Interface Design - Northrop Grumman
    Northrop Grumman
  • Icon Design

See more of our work in our icon portfolio or on Behance

Custom icons for everything

We know icons inside-outWhen you have worked in icon design as long as we have you become familiar with many icon platforms. When designing custom app icons there are the obvious ones like iOS custom icons, Android or Windows Phone. Then you have your major desktop operating systems like Windows, MacOS and Unix. Beyond that there are more niche platforms such as Windows Mobile and XAML. And of course, we cannot forget the web which covers so many delivery methods. SVG, PNG, JPG, ICO, Icon Fonts, the list goes on. Custom Android icons are particularly exciting right now thanks to the new Adaptive icons. Android 8 allows the use of layers and masking to make dynamic icons that can even include simple animations, which is great fun to design for. SVG icons are always very popular and we prefer scalable vector graphics files to any other format. The main reasons vector icons work so well are:

  • Scaling – vector icons scale much better than any other format
  • File size – vector icons are much smaller than bitmaps
  • Control – You can embed SVG icons in your HTML and even control them via CSS.

We have unrivalled experience in icon design. Trust us to deliver your icon for graphic design projects, large and small.

Our graphic design icon service

Getting your software to look great is a joint process. We work with you to understand your business, clients and your software. We will provide advice every step of the way and remain flexible throughout.

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Travel Agent themed icons for Group Promotions


We have specialised in custom icons for over 19 years – longer than any other company. We have a talented team of 12 of the best icon designer experts, each with a unique set of skills and illustration style. Having such breadth of talent makes it easy to match you with your perfect custom icon designer.

We don’t skimp on the fine detail either. We graphic design icon sets ‘pixel perfect’ in each size you need. This will ensure a clean and crisp result, whatever the size. Each designer knows how to deliver intuitive icons for unique and complex metaphors. Any artist can create a pretty picture, we deliver intelligent designs for your brand.

need to talk technical?

  • Pregnancy App
    Pregnancy Assistant
  • Desktop Icons
  • ios app icon bordeaux shopping
    Bordeaux Shopping
  • Icon Design
    Dino Software

View some examples of custom icons ios and custom icons android

What kind of custom icons do you need?
Custom App Icons

App Icons

If you want to drive more sales in the App store or just need a good looking desktop icon for your software, we can help.

more on app icons

User Interface Icons

Interface Icons

Is your software looking clunky and dated? Whether you need a handful, or thousands of icons designed, we can handle it.

more on ui icons

Web Icons and Illustration Design

Web Icons

Images are so much faster to understand than words. We can simplify your user experience with beautiful web illustrations.

more on web icons

Even more Custom Icon types
Web icon illustrations

If your website uses stock photography, you might want to consider how custom web icons can help. You only have a few seconds to get your message across, why not say it with a custom illustration? Web icons work with your headings to communicate your message fast. You can use them as calls to action or to attract visitors to certain areas of the page. The nice thing is, being custom designed, they match your branding too.

Custom Styled App Icons

All app platforms have their own style guide and there is something nice about fitting in. But some clients prefer to stand out from the norm and that is fine too. If you want to deviate from your app OS icon design guidelines we can tell you the best way to do so. Standing out doesn’t mean you have to clash with the set standards. We can help you get noticed without making your customers’ eyes bleed. You can be proud of your custom app icon design and know it will be working hard for you too.

Custom app icons for Dating App
Custom app icons for Dino App
Custom app icons for Taxi App


Custom icons for Apps
Unexpected benefits

One client reported positive feedback for their new icon suite. Their customers even raved about the new features they had added. In reality, they had found existing features they hadn’t noticed behind stock icons. The small investment in custom icons had a huge impact on the value of their software. This added value helped increase sales and keep existing clients.

Another customer told how they spent hundreds of thousands developing new features. They came to us at the last minute to add new bespoke icons. All the feedback they received was raving about the new look and the icons. Very few users were as excited about the new features but felt they had a new product. The tiny relative cost of the icons produced far more perceived value than the new features. Many of our clients have transformed the sales of their software with a simple icon face-lift. At the end of the day, people are simple creatures, they like things that look great. If you let us improve the look of your software, you will sell more.

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