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When it comes to selling software, looking good is half the battle. That’s why lots of developers spend a lot of time and resources trying to nail the perfect look for their app—which, of course, means less time and resources available to perfect the app itself.

Getting the details right is vital to ensuring your software is dynamic and easy to use. They encourage productivity by improving software usability, meaning your product remains simple to use. A well-designed icon set for your program could therefore make all the difference. Icons have been a feature of GUIs ever since the days of the first Macintosh computer, and with so many people relying on visual information today, quality icon designs are more relevant and important than ever before.

Using eye-catching visual design is as much about promoting your brand as it is about making your software intuitive. A user’s decision to implement your business software into their organisation, for example, will be heavily influenced by how intuitive, well-designed, and attractive your solution.

Something as seemingly simple as the app icon can make your software stand out – or fall flat – among users browsing the app store. Professional icon design not only looks fantastic—it communicates precisely what you and your product are all about. Commissioning bespoke visual design will free you up to focus on what matters: perfecting your software and getting it to market.

Whether it’s an icon set or a single app icon – and with over 16 years’ specialisation in icon designs – we are proud to say we have the experience and know-how to deliver the perfect custom icons for you.

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