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Are you in search of iconic excellence? Look no further. For over two decades, Creative Freedom has been an unrivalled force in the world of icon design.

As a distinguished icon design agency, we have had the privilege of serving global titans and start-ups alike, carving remarkable visual identities that resonate.

CAD/CAM icons for hexagon software
Marine CAD icons for QinetiQ
Pharma icons for Thermofisher Scientific
Gas and Electricity icons for British Gas
Financial Icons for Nalperion Accounting Software
Instruction Manual icons for Autoglass

Software, App and Website icons, any number in any style you need!

No other Icon Design Agency has this Super power!

Icon Manager – Making your project management easy.

At Creative Freedom, we take pride in our ability to revolutionize the world of icon design. We understand that managing and tracking icon design projects can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve developed the ultimate solution, Icon Manager, a powerful online tool designed specifically for managing icon design projects.

  • Revolutionizing Icon Design: Icon Manager simplifies icon design project management.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Icon Manager brings together designers and project managers, enabling real-time icon uploads and feedback.
  • Seamless Project Handling: It supports projects of any scale with transparency, version tracking, and flexibility for different backgrounds and file formats.
  • Total Control: Download icons for testing at any time, ensuring control over your project.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Streamlined processes make icon project management easy, efficient, and convenient cutting project timelines dramatically.

For more details, visit Icon Manager.

Interested in seeing how Icon Manager works? Contact Adam for a live demo and discover how effortlessly your project can be managed with Creative Freedom’s distinctive Icon Manager. Your path to icon design excellence starts here.

Icon Manager Login Screen Icon Manager home screen - mobile

Web Icons & Illustrations

Images communicate ideas far faster than words – adding web icons makes your site easier to understand and faster to navigate.

We can use SVG Icons (scalable vector graphics) to deliver crisp, fast loading website illustrations that scale beautifully from desktop to mobile.

Of course Stock images have their place. But when you want to communicate a complex idea, nothing works better than a web icon. Our custom icon designers can take your idea and draw it in a simple, elegant icon to back up your headings or copy.

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Website Icons and custom illustrations convey your message quickly


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Recent Icon Designprojects
Custom CAD Icons - SVG Icons for Hexagon


Custom CAD/CAM Icons

Custom Vector Icons for Mutiny Software


Custom SVG Icons

Custom SVG Software Icons for Synopsys


Custom Software Icons

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