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Custom icon design and illustrations help your website look great


Whether it is your App Icon, software or your website, this icon design company is trusted by global brands to deliver beautiful, intuitive custom icons on time and on budget.

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Bespoke Icon Design

Looking for an experienced icon design company? We design icons for every platform and all devices.

  • App icons for Android, iOS and Windows mobile
  • UI icons for desktop software and apps
  • Web icons & illustrations for websites

Because we work with some large companies, doesn’t mean we aren’t affordable. Over 50% of our clients are startups or small one-person businesses. We pride ourselves in delivering the same value service however large your project is. One of the first companies we created icons for was an unheard of startup called Dropbox. IBM has purchased three of the companies we created icons for (so far). So either we attract successful businesses or our icons are fantastic. It’s likely a bit of both but I hope we can help your business be as successful too.

Our bespoke Icon Manager software allows us to complete projects in record time with total transparency, you become part of the design process with direct access to your designers.

Web Icons & Illustrations

Images communicate ideas far faster than words – adding web icons makes your site easier to understand and faster to navigate.

We can use SVG Icons (scalable vector graphics) to deliver crisp, fast loading website illustrations that scale beautifully from desktop to mobile.

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Of course Stock images have their place. But when you want to communicate a complex idea, nothing works better than a web icon. Our custom icon designers can take your idea and draw it in a simple, elegant icon to back up your headings or copy.

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Website Icons and custom illustrations convey your message quickly


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Although we specialise in icon design and user interface design we are great at other things too. Motion Graphics includes all forms of digital animation, 3D walk-throughs and product visualisation. If your company needs video or adverts filming we have experience in TV too. Web design has always been part of the service. We are very focused on creating fast-loading Google friendly websites. And if you found us Ok then you know we aren’t too shabby at SEO either. Whatever your project, ask Adam for friendly no pressure advice.

Icons & UI
Icon design agency

We design icons for everything!

A single App icon or 1000’s of UI icons. With 18 years experience, no one knows icons better than us!

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Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics & Video Service

Entice and Convert with stunning Animation

From short 2d website promos to complex 3d visualisation. We can inform and convert your customers, fast!

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Web Design
Cambridge web design

Fast, clean and responsive web design

Websites that work on any platform, fully optimised for Google, using the popular WordPress platform

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What we’ve been up toRecent Work
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  • 3D Icon Design
  • Custom Windows Icon
  • Website Illustrations
  • Mobile App Icon Designer
  • Cartoon Icons
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