Custom CAD Icons for Hexagon
Custom CAD Icons for Hexagon
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Custom CAD Icons



Designed by Creative Freedom Ltd

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We are proud to showcase our remarkable project completed for Hexagon, a global leader in technology solutions. Hexagon’s CAD/CAM software, which powers cutting-edge manufacturing processes, required a design that reflected its technical complexity yet remained visually intuitive. Our collaboration with Hexagon involved crafting over 1500 custom SVG icons, tailored precisely to their software’s intricate functionalities.

Drawing inspiration from Hexagon’s CAD/CAM software, our team embarked on the challenge of transforming intricate technical concepts into visually compelling icons, even as small as 16×16 pixels. Our unique experience, garnered from years of handling CAD/CAM icon design projects, equipped us to navigate these complexities.

At the heart of our efficiency lies our bespoke icon project management software, ‘Icon Manager‘. This innovative tool accelerates the design and review process, ensuring seamless collaboration between our team and yours. As pioneers in the field of custom icon design, we’ve honed our skills to masterfully translate intricate engineering concepts into elegant visual representations, enhancing user experiences and interface aesthetics.

When it comes to custom CAD icons, custom CAD/CAM icons, and custom icon design, our portfolio stands as a testament to our expertise. With a fusion of creativity and technical finesse, our work for Hexagon demonstrates our commitment to delivering icons that bridge the gap between technology and aesthetics.

Elevate your software’s visual identity with our Icon Design Agency. Let us sculpt icons that narrate the language of technology with an artistic touch.

Contact Adam today to discuss your requirements and witness the transformative power of custom SVG icons.

Custom CAD/CAM Icons for Hexagon
Custom CAD Icons for Hexagon

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