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Cad Icon projects are among the largest and most complex an icon designer can face. If you need a new set of icons for your CAD or CAM software, you are going to need icon experts with the right experience.

The good news is, you are in just the right place!

Cad icon project for V-ray Chaos Group
Cad icon project for Aveva

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Years of CAD icon design experience

Creative Freedom has been specialising in icon design for almost twenty years now. We know a thing or two about CAD icons… In that time we have worked on many CAD icon projects. Most of these have been large and challenging, needing hundreds of custom icons. Several have needed thousands but we have the experience to take such projects it in our stride. CAD icons present a unique challenge as CAD software is usually very complex, thus so are the icons. The key to designing a good icon is to keep it simple. We have to make something complex look simple and yet different to hundreds of other icon CAD illustrations. It is definitely a skill borne of experience and we have plenty.

Five good reasons to trust us

  • we listen to what you want and deliver what you need
  • over 19 years experience in icon design and CAD icon projects
  • proven track record, trusted by hundreds of global brands like Chaos Group
  • an experienced team of 12 unique icon designers
  • our own custom developed icon project management software

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QinetiQ CAD IconsV-Ray CAD Icons

CAD/CAM Icons are unique in their complexity but we still love designing them

CAD Icon design process

Understanding your icon project

We listen

Choosing your icon style

You choose

Delivering professional icons

We deliver


The design process is quite simple and we divide it into three distinct phases:

  • Design Brief – this is where we get to know you and your software. Understand your technical requirements as well as the style you are after.
  • Style Development – Our designers produce several style options on a small set of icons. With your feedback we will refine your preferred style until perfect.
  • Icon Production – we will create the remaining icons in batches via the icon manager.

We always give you choice and an agreed amount of edits is available for each icon. We want you to be completely happy with your new custom CAD icons. You have the option to choose one icon designer or many to produce concepts for you. And also how many icons we work on during the Style Development phase. We quote on a per-icon basis, with a separate charge for Style Development depending on your needs.

We can deliver your icons in any sizes or file formats you need including: PNG, SVG, ICO, BMP, JPEG, AI, EPS, EMF, ICNS and XAML

For large projects we recommend creating a Style Guide document. It helps our design team during the project and would be invaluable to you if you even need to create any new icons. We can also provide you with all the original source files if required. We hope you will come back to us if you need further work but you have the reassurance that you don’t have to. All copyright transfers to you at the end of the project.

If you have any other requirements I am sure we can accommodate your needs. Did I mention we are a lot of fun to work with too?

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How do we manage projects with thousands of icons?

Designing so many icons is one challenge but managing projects of this size are quite another. The admin required to keep track of thousands of icons, each edit, each comment, is huge and complex.

Early on we knew specialising in such complicated projects required a unique solution. We needed a simple way to make such cumbersome projects easy to manage for both us and our clients. Our solution was to create ‘Icon Manager‘, our own unique software to run large icon projects.

The premise of icon manager is simple. A portal where all parties involved can view and contribute to the entire project. When your designer uploads new icons you receive an email notification. You can then log in and view the icons and leave your feedback or approve the icons. The designer, in turn, receives a notification to make the requested edits, or move on to the next icons. Every request and every edit is easy to view so all parties can see the entire history of each icon at a glance. Not only does this make everything completely transparent but it also cuts down on admin. Icon Manager has reduced lead time on large projects by over fifty percent. Our CAD file icon team not only have the skill and experience to deliver. They also have the tools to do so with Icon Manager. Something no other icon design company can offer.


Find out more about Icon Manager.

Working with creative freedom was fun and effective, made better by possibly the most efficient project management website I have yet to work with – Icon Manager. The project was delivered on time in full and the creative freedom team were very flexible in accommodating any changesAndrew Holm – Director Matt Black Systems

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