A good desktop icon is more thanA great first impression

Desktop icons
We can design your Windows desktop launcher icon in any style

It’s easy to just design a pretty icon, it’s much harder to convey your brand and story in a single image

That’s where Mark writes something great rather than me wasting my time hitting my head against a wall. Each image has to be carefully designed to communicate exactly what you need with the minimum of effort by the user.

If your icons and user interface don’t look great and speak to the user, they will find it hard to use and a turn-off to look at. With competition growing all the time you need to focus on the small things (icons!) that make a big difference to how people see your software and your company.

Where we can help

We have specialised in icon design for over 15 years. No other company has the same experience in delivering attractive, meaningful & intuitive desktop icons to every kind of business.

With 8 icon designers, each with different skills and styles, we can match the perfect designer to your project. We work hard, deliver to tight timelines and won’t stop until you are happy.

Have a chat with Adam and see what we can do for you.