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Windows icons

Making your website stand out with custom icons


With the rise of the smartphone app, icons have become increasingly indispensable to the way we navigate the technology around us – an iPhone homescreen without app icons is almost unimaginable. While icons have played a role in GUI interaction since, well, the earliest GUIs were developed, we tend to think of icons as belonging… Read more »

Web Illustrations

The advantages of using custom web illustrations


Enhancing your Website with custom Website Illustrations The use illustrations can be a powerful artistic tool in web design and can make a website truly unique. Working with a good illustrator to create a design which reflects the product or service the website offers can result in a great outcome: a timeless, distinctive website which… Read more »

Psychology in Web Design

Using social psychology to strengthen your web designs


As psychology teaches us, humans are fundamentally social creatures. Even the most seemingly isolated individual act is a social one. Signing up to a website might seem to involve nobody other than the person sitting at their computer, but what they are actually entering into is a complex social relationship made up of many different… Read more »

Icon for Kids

Designing icons for kids


Technology is forever being used in new and exciting ways. That’s why it’s important that you consider all sorts of different target audiences in your design work. This includes children. Programs and operating systems are increasingly being designed with kids in mind. For example, with the launch of the Windows 8 operating system for Windows… Read more »

5 Simple Tips

5 simple tips for effective icon design


There are some simple, basic methods of good icon design which can yield great results if they are followed. Sometimes some designers stray too far from the basics by trying to be too original. Originality is important, but it’s also important to remember the basics. Here we outline some easy, memorable keys to effective icon… Read more »

iOS7 Flat Icon Style

Flat icons & brand logos


Lately there’s been a lot of talk of how the ‘flat icon’ has come to dominate interface design across all different platforms. The flat icon trend can be seen as a conscious effort by developers to return to basics when it comes to design. Of course, the ideal icon is one that explains its function… Read more »

Custom Icons

Custom Icons – 10 Bespoke Icon style examples


Bespoke Icon Design Although a good proportion of the icon design projects we work on follow an established icon style, such as those found in mobile Apps like iOS and Android or desktop software icons like Microsoft Office and Windows 7, the greatest demand is generally for custom icons in a unique style. Despite the… Read more »

Icon Design Glossary

Icon Design Glossary of Terms


Icon design is ever evolving. As new platforms embrace the use of icons, new terms and references are dreamt up and older terms fall out of favour. This glossary is an ongoing project to document the icon design lexicon. Contributions are very welcome. 16×16 Pixel Icons This icon size has its own entry here because… Read more »

Comic Icons

Comic Style Icon Design & Illustration


Here is another great comic style illustration from David, one of my favourite Icon Designers at Creative Freedom. This time we have a Super-Villain with a decidedly bad temper which I am sure fans of the 2000 A.D. Comic will have no trouble recalling. Comic Style Icon DesignJudge Dredd Icons & IllustrationAs a kid I… Read more »