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Are kinetic videos good for your site?


Having risen in popularity in recent years, with a variety of businesses seeing something magical in them – the kinetic video is definitely worthwhile to look into. It’s eye catching in its simplicity, as fonts and shapes come to life in a quickfire parade of often colourful hues. In the past we have discussed how… Read more »

Movie projector

Stunning visuals in filmmaking


When it comes to creating films, there are a variety of unique elements that the everyday viewer won’t know about but they add to the depth of the film. Mise-en-scene is one of the many creative flairs that helps to make a movie visually stunning for audiences of all ages. Many new filmmakers find themselves wondering what… Read more »

Colour pencils

Style and consistency


We’ve talked a fair amount in the past about two of my favourite things: custom web art and motion graphics. We’ve even discussed hybrid motion graphics that combine 2D and 3D visual elements. There’s no need to go over old ground here — excellent visual content is vital to both the look and success of… Read more »

2D or 3D: hybridising motion graphics (Part 2)


In the first part of this series, we introduced the concept of hybrid 2D and 3D animation. This involves either animating a sequence in two dimensions and superimposing 3D elements, or by creating 2D assets in a three-dimensional animated environment. Because 3D animation takes place in a 3D visual environment, it allows for much greater… Read more »

2D or 3D: the advantages of hybrid animation (Part 1)


Digital animation has come a very long way in the last two decades. Consequently, we’ve now reached the stage where 3D rendering suites and animation are so ubiquitous that some might even say traditional ‘flat’ animation is obsolete. While fully hand-drawn animation is more or less obsolete (with the exception of some independent animators like… Read more »

Setting infographics in motion: the power of animated infographics


Infographics (or ‘information graphics’) are nothing new, dating back as far as the early 17th century. However, with the development of photoshop and an online culture of ‘sharing’, infographics have taken on a renewed importance. Their applications are endless, and are produced by anyone from marketing firms to educational or political groups. An infographic breaks… Read more »

Soundscapes in promotional and product videos: Voice and narration


(This is the second post in a two-part series on soundscapes in animated promo and product videos. Read the first here.) We’ve discussed how two elements of soundscaping, music and SFX, can be used effectively alongside animation to produce excellent app promos. We deliberately excluded voice from that discussion, as we think it is a… Read more »

Soundscapes in promotional and product videos: Music and SFX


In our last two blog posts we discussed how traditional filmmaking concepts could be used and updated for the modern app product video. We have explored the concept of mise-en-scène as the visual events staged for the camera, such as setting, lighting, and staging. We now want to turn to how these concepts play into… Read more »

App promo video

Directing the app promo video – putting concepts into action


In our previous post we explored the very basic idea that we can learn a lot from traditional filmmaking in order to market products digitally through viral videos. We now turn to the issue of how we transform these concepts into concrete actions: how we can not only use traditional film techniques to create viral… Read more »

Viral Video

Filming the viral app video


Whilst the app market has developed rapidly, ‘new’ forms of marketing have, too, exponentially grown. Many app companies now try to market their apps by using promotional media – particularly in the form of videos – with the ultimate hope being that their promotional video will be unique and creative enough to go ‘viral’, thus… Read more »