Having risen in popularity in recent years, with a variety of businesses seeing something magical in them – the kinetic video is definitely worthwhile to look into. It’s eye catching in its simplicity, as fonts and shapes come to life in a quickfire parade of often colourful hues.

In the past we have discussed how to add things such as animation and general videos to your site; in this post, Creative Freedom explores how to decide what kind of kinetic video will fit well into your site, as well as creating one in After Effects.

The right video for you

In essence, the kinetic video is all about utilising the beauty of typography and what an amazing thing that is! A fun and creative way to showcase some awesome fonts, mixed in with a bit of colour and a bevy of elegant shapes. However, you need to do your homework and source which style will fit with what you do. Having a look around online, Vimeo, the favourite showcase channel of many a creative, features an excellent channel called Kinetic Typography, created by Marco Papale. Here you’ll find a wealth of kinetic videos in a variety of styles.

Kinetic videos range in style – from the most simple, to those akin to a mini carnival. Depending on your business, it’s good to narrow down exactly what you’d like, giving you a crystal clear idea. Then we come to the message you want to promote – from advertising your overall business, to a specific area of expertise.

Remember, the written word is a powerful thing and by being used in this novel way, that power is enhanced. As Amy-Mae Turner explains in Mashable: “The power of the written word should not be underestimated, and while we are used to coping with more visual data than ever before, sometimes something as simple as text can cut through the white noise and make a big impact.

We think moving type, or “kinetic typography” is a good example of just that. Thanks to some high profile examples like Cee-lo’s video for his expletive-filled song, moving type is no longer relegated to the credit sequence of a film or a quiet corner reserved for Adobe After Effects fans on YouTube.”

Create your own kinetic video in after effects

If you’re looking to create an outstanding kinetic video, the best tool by far to use is Adobe After Effects. The process, far from being daunting, can be quite simple, even for a novice. The methods include –

  • Time your text with audio/dialogue.
  • Create custom text layouts.
  • Set scale and position keyframes.
  • Apply motion to your text with easing.

In Premiumbeat, Danny Greer has sourced a killer tutorial video by Vimeo user Jesse, who takes you through the 22 minute long process.

Kinetic videos offer a dynamic, engaging and stylish form of media that, if designed well, can increase business and really add something unique to your sites front page. The key is to find what works and make sure, as with all videos, to not have one that’s too long.

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