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Designing infographics

How to create an infographic in Adobe Illustrator


What once began as a curiosity has quickly grown in popularity. Yes, the infographic is now a tool used by everyone from marketing companies to schools and universities. An effective way to communicate ideas, the infographic is by far one of the biggest success stories in melding together the essential components of visuals and the… Read more »

Infographics for kids


Early in 2015, Creative Freedom discussed the subject of infographics, with Adam Parrish focusing on how useful static infographics can be to a site. Adam wrote: “Graphics may be processed quicker, but it’s harder to communicate abstract concepts with only an image. It’s too open to interpretation, which is why people spend so long talking… Read more »

UX tips

8 UX tips for creating flawless gaming apps


A game app’s user interface is the platform where the user interacts i.e. enters his inputs and receive feedbacks from the game. Henceforth, UI is considered as the means to achieve a satisfying user experience for the gamers. A game app’s utility primarily lies in the kind of user experience it delivers. If it fails… Read more »

How can custom icons boost infographics?


As we’ve explored previously, infographics are an immensely powerful tool for explaining things to audiences in a highly shareable and easy-to-digest format. With 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual, and with quality infographics being one of the most sought-after marketing tools today, icons can play an integral role in creating a successful… Read more »

Microsites in the age of social media


Microsites: for you? Getting your site right is difficult. Not only do you have to contend with the many aspects of design in order to make the desired impact, you also have to ensure regular, quality content is produced in order to secure vital hits and traffic for your products from elsewhere on the web…. Read more »

Just how powerful are infographics?


“Infographics” is one of those ugly American words where they’ve smooshed (that’s another one) two perfectly legitimate individual words – ‘information’ and ‘graphics’ – into something slightly worse but two times quicker to say. It’s up there with ‘synergize’ in terms of Newspeak. However, despite my qualms with the name, infographics are an undeniable hallmark… Read more »