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The state of icon design


Creative Freedom has become increasingly aware of how quickly some of the biggest brands out there today keep changing their logos. From subtle tweaks, to full blown redesigns – has our fast paced, consumer driven world now reached such speed that brands need to continually rethink their entire aesthetic, as well as the services they’re… Read more »

Pokémon Go icons: part 1


As we’ve explored multiple times in the past, icons are an increasingly universal – and extremely effective – feature of many mobile games. They’re an incredibly quick way of getting a message across (“we process visual information 60,000 times faster than text”, so the saying goes), and ultimately help keep the user experience seamless and… Read more »

Map icons suck!


Ever since the birth of the Google Maps app, map interface designers have relied heavily on icons to help their users navigate both the app and the world around them. Its popularity was huge, and it has laid the groundwork for many navigation-based apps (including Pokemon Go and Ingress) since. However, this has been a… Read more »

Icons in (nearly) three dimensions


It’s often easy to generalise about aesthetics. We’ve spoken about app icon trends in the past in terms of there being three-dimensional, flat, and almost-flat icons, but this doesn’t really tell the whole story. There are many, many other ways to play with perspective and dimension using a simple design—like an app icon—and obtain some… Read more »

Android Icons Battle Royal

Android Battle Royale (part 1): Which version of Android has the best app icons?


Google’s Android OS is famed for its near-limitless customisation options, open-source framework, and general versatility. Through third-party launchers like Nova, users are given a huge variety of options when it comes to the look and feel of their smartphone—especially launcher app icons. With thousands of innovative icon designers out there, you’d be forgiven for thinking… Read more »

How to develop a timeless app icon


With exponential developments in smartphone OS and GUI technologies, it may often seem like new visual designs are becoming obsolete faster than they’re being created. A couple of years ago, flat icons were all the rage—and are now being superseded once more by 3D and ‘almost flat’ Material Design-style icons. Keeping up with the trends… Read more »

In motion: does the future of app icons lie in animation?


The massive advancements made in UI design in the last decade, whether on smartphones or computers, has manifested itself in the form of a number of different visual design trends. One such trend is that operating system GUIs are increasingly dynamic. Desktop windows are no longer static; they warp and whoosh across the screen in… Read more »