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Apple iPad and iPhone App Icon Sizes

Apple iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes


Need iOS 9 Icon Sizes? Check out our new simple guide * UPDATED* 03/10/2012 * For the New iPad Retina display & iPhone 5 All you need to know about the required iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes Apple’s iPad and more recently iPad 2 have been with us for quite a while now so… Read more »

Android Icons

Android App Icon Sizes (3.0)


For up-to-date information see: Android (4.1) Icon Size Guide Made Simple Android runs on many different hardware platforms with different screen sizes and pixel densities. For this reason it is a little more complex to create icons for compared to something like the iPhone, as depending on the platform your App is aimed at, you… Read more »

Icon Sizes

Scaling Icons – Multiple icon sizes made easy (well, easier)


Keeping things crisp when Scaling Icons During a large custom icon design project with multiple application icon and interface icons, it can sometimes be a daunting task having to create multiple size versions of the same icon – assuming you’re working with pixel-based ‘bitmap’ raster icons. Indeed, in the majority of instances, it is not… Read more »

iPhone Icon Design

Common iPhone Application Icon Dimensions


iPhone apps – common icon dimensions Check out my up-to-date version Apple iPhone and iPad App icon Sizes When I first started producing icons and graphic elements for iPhone or iPod apps I couldn’t seem to find a single place that listed all of the required icon sizes used throughout the standard GUI elements such… Read more »

iPhone Icon Design


It might seem as if it was released yesterday, but the iPhone has been around for quite a while now, along with one of its key features: apps. If you’re writing or thinking about writing a new app for the iPhone, whether free or commercial, something you need to think about pretty early on is… Read more »

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