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* UPDATED* 03/10/2012 * For the New iPad Retina display & iPhone 5

All you need to know about the required iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes

Apple’s iPad and more recently iPad 2 have been with us for quite a while now so I thought it about time I follow up on my original iPhone Icon Sizes post and provide a short guide to the iPhone & iPad App Icon sizes, as well as the other assets required for iPad developers & Icon designers.

Luckily, Apple’s iOS Icons file requirements are a little simpler than Android but for optimal results we still need to account for the high resolution displays on iPhone 4+ devices and include an additional size. The iPhone will scale automatically if we only supply the standard resolution version but we want our icon design to look ‘gorgeous’ – right?

iPhone & iPad Icon App Sizes Summary

DescriptioniPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th gen)Hi-Res iPhone and iPod touchiPhone and iPod touchHigh-Res iPadiPad
Application icon
114 x 114114 x 11457 x 57144 x 14472 x 72
App Store icon
1024 x 1024*1024 x 1024*512 x 5121024 x 1024*512 x 512
Launch image (required)640 x 1136640 x 960320 x 480P: 1536 x 2008
L: 2048 x 1496
P: 768 x 1004
L: 1024 x 748
58 x 5858 x 5829 x 29100 x 100
58 x 58
50 x 50
29 x 29
Web clip icon (for web apps and sites*)114 x 114114 x 11457 x 57114 x 11472 x 72
Toolbar and navbar icon
~ 40 x 40~ 40 x 40~ 20 x 20~ 40 x 40~ 20 x 20
Tab bar icon
~ 60 x 60~ 60 x 60~ 30 x 30~ 60 x 60~ 30 x 30
Default Newsstand cover icon for the App Store (required for Newsstand apps)Min 1024 pixels on the longest edgeMin 1024 pixels on the longest edgeMin 512 pixels on the longest edgeMin 1024 pixels on the longest edgeMin 512 pixels on the longest edge
* Recommended
~ Approximately
P Portrait
L Landscape

Apple iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes

Note: The icon examples used in the image above are shown prior to iTunes automatically cropping to the normal rounded corner button shape and classic highlight applied (which can be overridden if so desired).

iPad Icon Sizes

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