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Free icon maker review

Free icon maker software review – which is the best?


How good are free icon maker tools? These programs let you select the format, size or even add some simple effects. How cool, is that? App icon generators are really helpful. They work like some kind of magic. Import an image, let the software scale it to the sizes you need & export the correct… Read more »

App UI Tips

5 tips for great App UI design


Basic Principles of User Interface Design Well-designed icons serve to inform users of the purpose of an app, and encourage them to download or open that app. Great icon design is important because icons frequently create the entire first impression and can affect a user’s decision to download an app or not. A badly-designed icon… Read more »

Windows 8 Icons

Designing beautiful, accessible icons


Accessible Icons Technology has, without a doubt, improved the lives of millions around the globe. Both specialist devices, such as refreshable Braille displays and speech synthesisers, and general devices, like smartphones with voice recognition software, enable quick, efficient communication and aid the disabled with everyday tasks. Yet accessibility isn’t always an obvious concern when it… Read more »

How to prepare an icon design brief

How to write an Icon Design Brief


What information do you need to quote on the Icon Design project? This is the minimum information we require: How many Icons do you need? Is it one App Icon or a set of Menu or UI icons? What Style do you want? Please provide examples of icon designs you like. Which Sizes and File… Read more »

Illustrator Icon Design Tutorial

Step by Step Illustrator Icon Design Tutorial


In this Illustrator icon design tutorial we look at creating a small set of ‘almost flat‘ icons from scratch. First, open the Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Then create a rounded rectangle using Rounded Rectangle Tool with: Width:200px; Height:155px; Corner Radius:10px. After that create another Rectangle with: Width:36px; Height:36px; Rotate it 45°. Unite… Read more »

Icon Design Process inforgraphic

Infographic – The Icon Design Process


This is how we design icons We have produced an infographic to help you navigate through the icon commissioning and design process with clarity and ease. It informs you about the stages of the process, helps you to locate precisely where you are at each stage and makes clear who is responsible for what, during… Read more »

Free icon maker review

Android Icon Sizes Made Simple (4.1)


This article has now been superseded by the latest Lollipop 6.0 Android Icon Size Guide. Please click on the image below for the latest information. What are Android Icon Sizes? It is a simple question but even Android, who provide better documentation than most, seems to make you want to work a little for the… Read more »

Windows Phone 8.1 Icon Sizes

Windows 8.1 Tile Icon Size Guide


*UPDATE* 11/11/13 Check out our new Windows 8.1 Icon Tile size guide. Never being one to make life easy, Microsoft have released some fairly ambiguous information to Windows  8.1 App developers. From the information I have had access to, I have put together this brief guide to the Windows 8.1 App launcher & Tile Icon… Read more »

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