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Android Icon Sizes made simple

Android Icon Size guide for Android 6 Marshmallow


What size are Android Icons? It is a simple question but even Android, who provide better icon documentation than most, seem to want to make you work a little for the answer. Fear not, I have compiled a simple Android icon size guide for you! There are two types of Android icons, those that launch… Read more »

Free icon maker review

Free icon maker software review – which is the best?


How good are free icon maker tools? These programs let you select the format, size or even add some simple effects. How cool, is that? App icon generators are really helpful. They work like some kind of magic. Import an image, let the software scale it to the sizes you need & export the correct… Read more »

App UI Tips

5 tips for great App UI design


Basic Principles of User Interface Design Well-designed icons serve to inform users of the purpose of an app, and encourage them to download or open that app. Great icon design is important because icons frequently create the entire first impression and can affect a user’s decision to download an app or not. A badly-designed icon… Read more »

Icon Colour Schemes

Creating Icon Colour Schemes


What to consider when designing Icon Colour Schemes We have looked at accessible icons and discussed the importance of colour for establishing an icon’s meaning and purpose. Although our earlier article focused mostly on design for visually impaired users, the basic concept can be extended to all users of icons. Colour is a key identifying… Read more »

Windows 8 Icons

Designing beautiful, accessible icons


Accessible Icons Technology has, without a doubt, improved the lives of millions around the globe. Both specialist devices, such as refreshable Braille displays and speech synthesisers, and general devices, like smartphones with voice recognition software, enable quick, efficient communication and aid the disabled with everyday tasks. Yet accessibility isn’t always an obvious concern when it… Read more »

Icon for Kids

Designing icons for kids


Technology is forever being used in new and exciting ways. That’s why it’s important that you consider all sorts of different target audiences in your design work. This includes children. Programs and operating systems are increasingly being designed with kids in mind. For example, with the launch of the Windows 8 operating system for Windows… Read more »

ebay app icons suck

FAILED: Why eBay’s App Icons Suck


I don’t do many ‘icon deconstruction’ rants but this one has really got on my wick recently. I must confess I don’t eBay a great deal but recently I have been after some Noise Cancelling Headphones for an upcoming long-haul flight (I am not great on planes so anything that will help!) I have been… Read more »

5 Simple Tips

5 simple tips for effective icon design


There are some simple, basic methods of good icon design which can yield great results if they are followed. Sometimes some designers stray too far from the basics by trying to be too original. Originality is important, but it’s also important to remember the basics. Here we outline some easy, memorable keys to effective icon… Read more »

Advantages of 3D Icons

The advantages of 3D icons


Flat icons and what we’ve termed “almost flat” icons are currently carrying a certain level of vogue with them in the world of software. However, that’s not to say that 3D-style icons aren’t as effective or innovative. In fact, in the current climate, if 3D icons are designed well enough, they can go above and… Read more »