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Icons in (nearly) three dimensions


It’s often easy to generalise about aesthetics. We’ve spoken about app icon trends in the past in terms of there being three-dimensional, flat, and almost-flat icons, but this doesn’t really tell the whole story. There are many, many other ways to play with perspective and dimension using a simple design—like an app icon—and obtain some… Read more »

Advantages of 3D Icons

The advantages of 3D icons


Flat icons and what we’ve termed “almost flat” icons are currently carrying a certain level of vogue with them in the world of software. However, that’s not to say that 3D-style icons aren’t as effective or innovative. In fact, in the current climate, if 3D icons are designed well enough, they can go above and… Read more »

Icon Design Glossary

Icon Design Glossary of Terms


Icon design is ever evolving. As new platforms embrace the use of icons, new terms and references are dreamt up and older terms fall out of favour. This glossary is an ongoing project to document the icon design lexicon. Contributions are very welcome. 16×16 Pixel Icons This icon size has its own entry here because… Read more »

Brand Icon

Give your brand a new look with 3D icons


The use of 3D icons is an ideal way to give your application, program or website a fresh look. Whether you are starting something new, or wanting to inject new life into an existing set of icons by sprucing them up, three-dimensionality could be the way to go whatever your theme, be it business, technology,… Read more »