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10 Most Common Fonts Featured in Iconic Logos


Why the right Font can help make Logos iconic There are many different factors to keep in mind when choosing a font for your company’s logo. It must be appropriate to reach its intended audience, simple, memorable and timeless. Yes, it must be timeless, allowing the company to use it for years to come. If… Read more »

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How to make the best of fonts in WordPress


Far more than a blog publishing tool, WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms to use to create a website. Its versatility and functionality, helped by a wealth of plugins and easily integratable themes, is what has pushed WordPress past the post. Blair Williams sums up the awesome power of WordPress with one… Read more »

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The best fonts for blogs


At Creative Freedom we have previously discussed the power of fonts; how they make a site or app. Naturally, for a blog the same principles apply – the right font is a crucial foundation for giving your blog aesthetic symmetry, which is a key factor in achieving reader satisfaction. There are a few font suppliers… Read more »


Choosing the right fonts for your app


Typeface seems like a very simple thing. Whether you’re choosing fonts for a website, an app, or just a Word document, it’s as easy as just choosing whichever you think look nice, right? Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. Typeface is an incredibly important aspect of how readers interact with a piece of writing. When it… Read more »

Make your site awesome with web fonts


Web fonts have been around for some time now, giving web designers free reign to stylise their sites with custom fonts. But the rise of the web font hasn’t been a smooth journey, to say the least. As a creative designer, using custom fonts in a design is a great way of making text-heavy content… Read more »