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Top tips for creating a WordPress portfolio (part 2)


In our last post on this topic, we discussed the ways you can strengthen the impact and navigability of your WordPress portfolio. By organising and categorising each different piece of portfolio work; by including guided, questionnaire-based testimonials; and by creating a dialogue and buzz around your past work through blogging; you can make your portfolio… Read more »

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Top tips for creating a WordPress portfolio (part 1)


As we’ve already discussed, WordPress is a great platform for delivering mobile-optimised and easy-to-manage sites — be they personal or business sites. Regardless of its purpose, a digital portfolio is an incredibly useful and easy way of displaying your work. Particularly if you’re a designer like me, or if you’re involved in any other sort of… Read more »

How to kill your Wordpress site

How to kill your WordPress site (and how to save it!)


In an earlier post, we talked about how you can use WordPress plugins to quickly – and rather effectively – optimise your site for mobile browsers and devices. It’s true that WordPress offers a great platform for building excellent mobile-first sites. Vanilla is easy to use, generally fast, and loads quite quickly on any device…. Read more »