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Icon Design Glossary

Icon Design Glossary of Terms


Icon design is ever evolving. As new platforms embrace the use of icons, new terms and references are dreamt up and older terms fall out of favour. This glossary is an ongoing project to document the icon design lexicon. Contributions are very welcome. 16×16 Pixel Icons This icon size has its own entry here because… Read more »

Application Icons

Application Icons


When someone asks me for a ‘set of application icons to cover all platforms’ they are usually shocked by just how many different sizes and formats are required. In fact, this is something that seems to evolve and increase every few months. There is some overlap across legacy platforms but most newer mobile platforms choose… Read more »

iOS7 Icon Size Template

iOS 7 App Icon Size Template


As Apple have decided to make some changes to their App Icon size and corner radii form iOS7, I thought it would be helpful to myself and others to create a PSD template to both produce all the different Icon Sizes now required, as well as show how these will look on both iOS6 and… Read more »

Email Icon

Designing Cross Platform App Icons


I thought it might be useful for designers and clients alike to see how we approach a typical App Icon design project. In this case study the client requested an App Launcher Icon for an Email App developed on multiple platforms. The first thing to consider when creating an icon for different platforms is how to… Read more »


Digital Photography: JPEG vs Raw


Users of DSLR cameras, bridge cameras and indeed some advanced compact digital cameras will be aware of the option to record their digital images in either JPEG or  raw formats (some DSLRs also offer the option of TIF, but that won’t be discussed here). It’s true that the subject of whether to shoot in JPEG… Read more »

Windows Phone 8 Icon Design

Windows Phone 8 Icon Size Guide


Quick guide to Windows Phone 8 Icons Windows Phone pioneered the ‘Metro’ design language, the popular, iconic user interface paradigm used by thousands of apps to give end users a common basis from which to interact with their devices. The Windows Phone design philosophy is exemplified by clean, uncluttered app screens that operate quickly, minimize… Read more »


Android App Icon Size Guide (4.0)


This article has now been superseded by the latest Lollipop 6.0 Android Icon Size Guide. Please click on the image below to view the latest information. Find the correct Android App Icon Sizes, fast For the latest information see: Simple Android Icon Size Guide for Lollipop 5.1 (5.1) An icon is a graphic that takes… Read more »

Icon Design Tutorial - Small Icons

Designing 16×16 pixel icons in Photoshop


Small Icon sizes such as 16×16 pixels are often neglected in Icon Design, in my opinion though, this is where the real skill lies. In most cases simply scaling down a larger icon is not going to work and is often why for 16×16 pixel icons it is acceptable to drawn them in a slightly… Read more »

Recolor Icons

Recoloring Flat Icons in Adobe Illustrator


In a lot of projects we are asked to produce different color versions of the same icon, sometimes this is to represent a different icon state or to provide the end user with interface skinning options. By creating Icon sets you can make working with color easier, faster and prepare your Illustrator document for simpler editing. Global… Read more »

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