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Why Fireworks Rocks for Rendering Crisp Icons


As an Icon Designer I am a big fan of Adobe Fireworks, which doesn’t get the kudos of its more popular siblings such as Photoshop and Illustrator but there are some things it does far better and most revolve around its excellent handling of the PNG file format. What is so great about PNG? The… Read more »

Interface design

Five rules for effective interface design


An important element of developing an application is conveying usability through the interface for users of the product. Users need to feel that the application has been developed to meet their needs through extensive market research, as well as finding it simple and straightforward to use. Too often, however, developers go overboard from a design… Read more »

Warning Icon

Top three tips for being tactful in icon design


Designing a fresh set of icons can really revamp the interface and usability of your application or product. There are several factors to consider when choosing your icons: size, simplicity, use of colour, avoiding text, etc. But these icons can sometimes represent a function through metaphor, and in so doing it is important that your… Read more »

Icon Manager

Icon Design Project Management Software


The scope of the design projects we undertake can vary enormously, from relatively small projects for iPhone and iPad applications, requiring just a handful of files, to larger software applications that require hundreds of individual icons in many sizes and states, leading to the production of thousands of files, all needing to be documented and… Read more »

Glossy Icon

Achieving design effects on your icons


Getting a new icon set for your website or application often means going back to the drawing board. You would be considering many aspects during the design process such as how your new icons will convey your business or brand’s identity, and whether the images used are relevant in identifying the functions they represent or… Read more »

iPhone Icon Design

Common iPhone Application Icon Dimensions


iPhone apps – common icon dimensions Check out my up-to-date version Apple iPhone and iPad App icon Sizes When I first started producing icons and graphic elements for iPhone or iPod apps I couldn’t seem to find a single place that listed all of the required icon sizes used throughout the standard GUI elements such… Read more »

iPhone Icon Design


It might seem as if it was released yesterday, but the iPhone has been around for quite a while now, along with one of its key features: apps. If you’re writing or thinking about writing a new app for the iPhone, whether free or commercial, something you need to think about pretty early on is… Read more »

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