This is how we design icons

We have produced an infographic to help you navigate through the icon commissioning and design process with clarity and ease. It informs you about the stages of the process, helps you to locate precisely where you are at each stage and makes clear who is responsible for what, during the process.

The infographic will be helpful to people who are new to the icon development process as well as veterans working in associated fields in website and software development. As you probably know well, the icons which appear in software, on websites & on gadgets like iPhones and cameras are not random little drawings but carefully thought-out graphics, with a high level of functionality. Our infographic will help anybody involved in commissioning icons to appreciate what is involved in the development process and how best to work with a designer to produce the best results, for whatever context in which the icons will be used.

We hope you will pass on the graphic to people you know who may benefit from it and direct people to our website to view our portfolio to get an even better idea of the results we can produce in working together to develop their next set of icons.

Click on the Infographic to see the full size version.

INFOGRAPHIC Simple Icon Design Process

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