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20 Inspirational CGI Showreels


I’m going to shout it out loud “I LOVE CG”, it’s my passion in life and indeed my job. As a CG artist it’s also my job to pull ideas and passion from some of the bigger studios and more often than not you will find me in my lunch break eating a cheese roll… Read more »

App Video

Motion Video content for Apps


I’ve worked in broadcast and the web for most of my career, mostly on 3D animated content for commercials, title sequences, music videos, and with a splattering of animated corporate videos; but recently I was approached by a cleverly creative chap that needed video content for an App! ‘An App?’  I thought… that’s interesting! I’ve… Read more »

Oculus Rift Developer

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Developer


For me – primarily as a life long gamer and secondly a 3d and motion graphics artist – The news of a proper high resolution stereoscopic VR headset was initially met with massive excitement but also mixed with an air of caution that this could be another uneventful experience of that seen in arcades of… Read more »