Bespoke Icon Design

Although a good proportion of the icon design projects we work on follow an established icon style, such as those found in mobile Apps like iOS and Android or desktop software icons like Microsoft Office and Windows 7, the greatest demand is generally for custom icons in a unique style.

Despite the shift in popularity to flat icons, we have found that most clients offering desktop software still prefer a more traditional detailed icon style. Often this is quite sensibly designed not to alienate existing and established users, especially those in more conservative demographics and more sensitive to change. There are also pitfalls in automatically following strong style trends and for those not wanting to update their software UI and icon styles regularly, aiming for the middle ground can be more prudent financially.

The following bespoke icon examples represent a small sample of some of the bespoke icon design projects we have completed over the last few months. As you can see there is a real variety in the icon styles which is what I really love about custom icons, every project is unique.

Flat Web Custom Icons
Flat Website Icons
Accountancy Custom Icons for Windows Software
Accountancy Icons for Windows Software

3D Custom Icons

3D Icons for Video Encoding Hardware Manufacturers
Financial Custom Icons for Web Software
Financial Icons for Web Software
Custom Application Icons
Application Icons for Design Software

Need custom icons?

Stock icons can look ok but nothing beats custom icons designed specifically for your app, software or website

Get custom icons

Windows Software Custom UI Icons
Windows Software UI Icons
Delivery App UI Custom Icons
Delivery App UI Icons
Windows Software Custom Mapping Icons
Bespoke Windows Software Mapping Icons
Network Analysis Custom Icons
Network Analysis Icons
Trading Software Custom Icons
Trading Software Icons

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