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Infographics and illustrations
Product overview graphics for Xanalys

We live in an age of information overload and short attention spans.

We’re not going to suggest that visual solutions are perfect for everything. If you really want to delve into a subject then you want in-depth data and well-worded explanations, but can you expect people to work through all of that to get a quick overview? This is especially true online where people have more of a tendency to skim information and scan for relevance and explanation.

The advantages

We humans are set up to be visual. Studies show that you remember up to 80% of what you see, 20% of what you read and only 10% of what you hear. These things are also shareable in the modern age – when was the last time someone shared a set of data tables with you on Facebook? Images are easy to post and repost. Creating artwork and infographics in your own style also helps create a strong image of your brand or product.

Helping you achieve your goals

We can work to a variety of styles because we use lots of different specialists but under one set of art direction. Working in this way allows us to to harmoniously create a full integrated package for you making it easy for people to see what you’re all about as well as providing a seamless customer experience. Be it web icons, web design or illustrations for print; It’s not all about eye candy, it’s about creating work designed to to work well, be memorable and informative and create a cohesive identity for you and your products.