We have added another lovely set of free icons to our site. These gorgeous Windows Icons were designed by Maryna.

Icon Design

Free Windows Icons

I am really pleased with this set and hope to eventually produce a much larger set we can sell on the site.

Despite the recent shift in trend towards flat icons, I hope you will agree that sometimes you just can’t beat an eye-catching set of icon designs. Beautiful icons can play a vital role on a website or in an application: to ensure a visually attractive look or to enhance the information being put across. We can think of several categories of websites, applications and programs in this regard:

USER-FRIENDLY SITES: Just as we may expect the images and icons on websites for political satire, hard rock music, gothic clothing (for example), etc. to have a certain edge to them, we can expect beauty, softness and appropriateness for images and icons on user-friendly sites such as supermarkets, family entertainment, greeting cards, weddings, birthdays, dating agencies and so on.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Depending on the target audience, a particular website or application may best be served by the use of beautiful icons and images. Examples of this include programs and applications targeted at mothers, young children, family celebrations, holiday agencies and similar categories. Whilst flat icons are usually very clean and often easy to understand, they can also be a little cold and sterile.

SELF-EXPRESSION AT ITS BEST: Icon designers are human too. Whether they are working to a brief or not, the icons they design can represent their self-expression at its best or most fun. Take a look at our Iron Man Jr showcase. Isn’t that expressive of the brilliant mind behind the illustration? It may well be that the force of creative inspiration behind beautiful icons and images can be channelled to support business objectives of particular projects.

So go take a look at our free gorgeous icons. There are 20 icons in total, each rendered pixel perfect in 48, 32, 24 & 16 pixel sizes, in PNG and combined ICO format.

I would love to hear your feedback!

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