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Flat Icon Design

Flat Icons: a trend in Icon Design


Flat design has become very popular recently. Many websites utilise the principles of  flat design and simplify their interfaces accordingly. Indeed, many recent user interface redesigns and new websites use a flat design; this trend has begun to appear almost everywhere, both on websites and in applications. Icons are also keeping pace with the times,… Read more »

Free Icons

Free Icons!


We have added another lovely set of free icons to our site. These gorgeous Windows Icons were designed by Maryna. Free Windows IconsI am really pleased with this set and hope to eventually produce a much larger set we can sell on the site. Despite the recent shift in trend towards flat icons, I hope… Read more »

App Icon Designer

Iron Man Jr – Icon Designer Showcase


Running an Icon Design agency can be a lot of fun when you have a terrific set of people working with you. Not everything we churn out is always a commercial project, sometimes the icon designers like to kick-back and have a little fun. I thought it would be nice to showcase some of my… Read more »


Five basics of great icon design


We are back to basics this week: our contributing editor looks at some of the elements of effective icon design. A set of well designed icons can make a big difference to the look and usability of any website or application. Whether you are on the designing or commissioning side of the icon equation, it’s… Read more »


How to create the globe icon in Photoshop


In this lesson I’ll tell how to draw an object that is very often used in icons. This object can easily either spoil or improve image, the thing is in details. I’ll use 256x256px icon size in the lesson, but all the rules below are valid for any size. Perhaps only for icons in size… Read more »

GIS Software Icons

Custom Icons for GIS Software


The latest addition to our portfolio is an icon design project recently completed for Geograt GmbH. Geograt specialise in Geographical Information Systems software and required an icon style that would fit in with Windows 7 but also reflect their brand identity. For more information, please visit our Icon Design Portfolio. Thanks, Adam 🙂

Custom Icon Design Tutorial

Step-by-step: How to Design a Custom Icon


Designing a Button Style Custom Icon This tutorial will explain the process of designing and creating an icon from one of my favourite sets of custom icons. This dark, metallic and slightly glossy set was produced for a ‘button-type’ custom icon design to be used in a PDA driven software application. The icons all feature… Read more »