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Recolor Icons

Recoloring Flat Icons in Adobe Illustrator


In a lot of projects we are asked to produce different color versions of the same icon, sometimes this is to represent a different icon state or to provide the end user with interface skinning options. By creating Icon sets you can make working with color easier, faster and prepare your Illustrator document for simpler editing. Global… Read more »

Pixel Preview v2

Icon Design Tips: Multiple Windows And Pixel Preview Mode


Despite the fact that most of my icons are drawn in vector editors, their output is almost always in a bitmap format. Use Pixel Preview mode to understand how Illustrator divides objects into pixels. In Adobe Illustrator you can open multiple windows of a single document at the same time. Each window can have different… Read more »

Slice Tools

Icon Design Tips: Exporting Slices


When designing Icons I prefer to create a page with multiple icons displayed so I can see how the icons look together as a set. I find this very important and convenient when trying to ensure a consistent style across all the icons I am designing. For example, I have a file in Adobe Illustrator… Read more »

Metro Icon Design

The Rise of Metro Icons


For a while now we have seen a lot of demand for much cleaner simpler Icon styles. No doubt some of this was prompted by Microsoft’s Windows 8 user interface but I think the style has also been made popular by some mobile devices and of course the desire to be just a little bit… Read more »

Vector Shad Main

How to Create Vector Drop Shadows in Illustrator


This article looks at how to keep your Illustrator files ‘fully’ vector and still create an attractive vector Drop Shadow effect. For any icon designer it’s a straight-forward process to create a nice, feathered, transparent drop shadow in Photoshop, and the same process can be followed in Illustrator too by using the ‘Effect -> Stylize… Read more »

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