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Icon Design Glossary

Icon Design Glossary of Terms


Icon design is ever evolving. As new platforms embrace the use of icons, new terms and references are dreamt up and older terms fall out of favour. This glossary is an ongoing project to document the icon design lexicon. Contributions are very welcome. 16×16 Pixel Icons This icon size has its own entry here because… Read more »

Flat Icon Design

Flat Icons: a trend in Icon Design


Flat design has become very popular recently. Many websites utilise the principles of  flat design and simplify their interfaces accordingly. Indeed, many recent user interface redesigns and new websites use a flat design; this trend has begun to appear almost everywhere, both on websites and in applications. Icons are also keeping pace with the times,… Read more »

Application Icons

Application Icons


When someone asks me for a ‘set of application icons to cover all platforms’ they are usually shocked by just how many different sizes and formats are required. In fact, this is something that seems to evolve and increase every few months. There is some overlap across legacy platforms but most newer mobile platforms choose… Read more »

App Icon Designer

Iron Man Jr – Icon Designer Showcase


Running an Icon Design agency can be a lot of fun when you have a terrific set of people working with you. Not everything we churn out is always a commercial project, sometimes the icon designers like to kick-back and have a little fun. I thought it would be nice to showcase some of my… Read more »

iOS7 Icon Size Template

iOS 7 App Icon Size Template


As Apple have decided to make some changes to their App Icon size and corner radii form iOS7, I thought it would be helpful to myself and others to create a PSD template to both produce all the different Icon Sizes now required, as well as show how these will look on both iOS6 and… Read more »

Email Icon

Designing Cross Platform App Icons


I thought it might be useful for designers and clients alike to see how we approach a typical App Icon design project. In this case study the client requested an App Launcher Icon for an Email App developed on multiple platforms. The first thing to consider when creating an icon for different platforms is how to… Read more »

Apple iPad and iPhone App Icon Sizes

Apple iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes


Need iOS 9 Icon Sizes? Check out our new simple guide * UPDATED* 03/10/2012 * For the New iPad Retina display & iPhone 5 All you need to know about the required iPhone & iPad App Icon Sizes Apple’s iPad and more recently iPad 2 have been with us for quite a while now so… Read more »

iPhone Icon Design

Common iPhone Application Icon Dimensions


iPhone apps – common icon dimensions Check out my up-to-date version Apple iPhone and iPad App icon Sizes When I first started producing icons and graphic elements for iPhone or iPod apps I couldn’t seem to find a single place that listed all of the required icon sizes used throughout the standard GUI elements such… Read more »

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