Logo icons are important. You know that. Although the audience tends to perceive logos as something normal, they pay attention to them whether they like it or not. Some of the most iconic logos are created with simple fonts, colours, and designs. Yet, they are still recognizable. That’s because they represent the brand.

If you look at the FedEx logo, you don’t think about the logo. This simple visual element makes you think about the iconic brand behind that logo. You probably remind yourself of an experience you had with this company.

Does that mean you can go with any brand icon, since it would represent your brand anyway? No! You absolutely need a good, memorable icon that people will remember.

Let’s see how you can conceptualise and create such a brand icon.

1. Be Inspired by the Obvious

Before you start designing the icon, you’ll develop a concept. Brainstorming is the first step towards that goal. At this point, you don’t want to be too obvious, but you still want the icon to showcase the essence of your brand.

As an example, check the icon that appears in the browser bar when you open Neil Patel’s site. It’s not obvious, since it doesn’t clearly indicate the concept of the website (SEO training). Patel had a different idea: he wanted to develop a personal brand. He wanted to reach the status of an industry expert. That’s exactly why you’ll see his face all over the site, and in the brand icon itself.

What does this example teach us?

– The concept should be based on your final goal. What do you want the audience to think of your brand? What action do you want them to take? What are you teaching them? What’s the goal of the entire branding process?

Those questions will help you start brainstorming. Write any ideas you get, without being judgmental. At this point, you only need ideas. You’ll be selective later on.

2. Decide on the Main Aspects

It’s important to choose elements that work well together. They will ensure proper branding and effortless recognition. These are the main aspects to decide on:

  • Text or no text? If you want to ensure the communication is clear, you might want to use text. But, that’s not always necessary. Take a look at the iTunes logo, for example. It doesn’t have any text, but it clearly communicates the essence of the brand.
  • The color scheme is another essential element. The visual appeal of the icon should be cohesive to all other visuals related to your brand. You don’t have to use the same color patterns, but this icon has to fit in.
  • What about the design standard? Will you make a minimalistic icon? Will it have a background? Do you need an elaborate image?

Before you start working on the design, think about these elements. Go through libraries of logos and icons, so you’ll notice what you’re attracted to. Then, decide what you want out of this logo and you can start developing it.

3. Create and Promote It

Now, it’s time to create the brand icon. You already have a concept and you’re ready to take action. If your design skills are good enough, you can use tools like Canva or Adobe Illustrator to create the logo. But if you’re not truly confident in your graphic design capacity, maybe it’s best to outsource this task to a professional. You’ll provide the instructions and they will provide the design.

Once you have your icon, what’s next? That’s the real question – what will it stand for? You have to promote it through great content on your blog and social media profiles. You won’t specifically write about the brand icon, but you’ll feature it along great content. The audience will find the value in this content and they will start associating the icon with quality.

If you need help to create great content, you can always rely on a cheap essay service. The writers will develop customized content that allows you to build brand awareness.

The Concept Is Everything!

Without a good plan, you’ll have a “blah” effect. Sure; you can start creating a brand icon without any planning and hope for the best. But in that case, you’re making a huge risk. A good plan will give you a more sophisticated brand icon that boosts the image of your brand.

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