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How much do you charge for icons?

Cost will depend on a number of factors, we cannot be specific until we have some additional information. However prices start from £150 for an App launcher icon and £25 for a menu icon. If you can answer these questions we can provide an accurate quote:

  • How many icons do you need?
  • What are they for? App launcher, menu icons?
  • What icon styles do you like? 3d, Flat, the simpler the cheaper?
How long will it take?

An app launcher icon or a small batch of menu icons will be turned around within a week or less. For larger projects it is best to get in touch but turning around 1000+ menu icons in 3 months is not unheard of.

Who owns the copyright?

As soon as we receive final payment all rights transfer to you. Creative Freedom do not retain any ownership but we do like to show off your icons in our portfolio.

What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% deposit before we start work and will invoice you for the final 50% on completion, to be paid within 28 days.

Is my project too small for you?

Absolutely not, whatever the size of your project or budget we apply the same high standards of design.

Many of our projects are for very small companies or start-ups. We created the first set of menu icons for Dropbox before they took off, maybe we can do the same for you.

Can you match existing icons?

Yes, our designers are excellent at emulating existing styles or matching an operating system standard like Windows 7, Office 2013 etc. Expect your new icons to perfectly match the style you choose.

Can you handle really large projects?

Yes! In fact we are probably better geared up for large projects than any other icon designers.

We developed our own Icon Manager software specifically for dealing with large projects. We regularly work on projects with hundreds or even thousands of icons. If you have a tight timeline we can assign several designers to the same project and still maintain the same consistency and high quality.

What devices can you design icons for?

We can create icons for any device, some of the more common ones are listed below:

  • Android
  • iPhone & iPad (iOS)
  • Linux
  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Motorola RFID Devices
I need bitmap strips, is that ok?

Absolutely, we can provide files in any format or arranged in any way you like.

Which icon file formats do you support?

We design icons for everything but some of the more common file types are listed below:

  • ICO – Windows native icon format
  • PNG – 24bit image with 8bit transparency, best results for a bitmap format
  • SVG – Scalable Vector Format
  • XAML – Windows Silver light format, Vector or PNG combine with XML
  • Icon Font – A font containing simple scalable icon images, ideal for web deployment
  • JPG – Standard lossy compressed bitmap image format
  • ICNS – Apple native icon format
  • BMP – Basic bitmap, 24 bit colour, 1 bit transparency
  • CUR – Windows cursor format
  • EPS – Generic vector format
  • PDF – Vector format
  • PSD – Photoshop format

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