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How to choose the right icon design company for your icon project

Choosing the right icon design company, like any supplier, is not always a simple task. Below is a list of criteria you might want to consider when choosing between the various icon design companies out there.

    • Do I like their work?

Seeing examples you like in their icon portfolio is a great sign they can deliver what you need. But good icon design companies are flexible & can design to almost any style, especially if they have several icon designers to choose from.

    • Can I trust them to deliver?

This is always hard to judge but a strong portfolio, client list & testimonials are always helpful. I always like to speak to someone in person before forming too much of an opinion. Do I like this guy or not?

    • What do they charge?

Some icon design companies have a fixed price list, others provide a quote to reflect the amount of work needed for your icon style. Either will most likely need some information about your project and the styles you like.

It is always useful to give this a little thought before asking for a price, the more info you provide, the easier it is to provide costs. A lot of companies also ask for a deposit before they start. Finding out whether their costs or payment terms fit at the outset, could save you time later.

Don’t worry about…

  • They haven’t worked in my industry

When you view an icon designer’s portfolio you might be worried they haven’t produced a set of icons for your industry.

Don’t worry, any designer worth their salt can work in any industry or genre. You might have some unique terminology or concepts to get across but good icon designer’s are experts in coming up with meaningful metaphors, whatever the subject or industry.

Some things to consider

  • ‘Free Samples’
  • ‘Infinite Edits’
  • ‘Money back guarantee’

These kinds of messages can be attractive & comforting when you are using a new company, especially if your budget is tight.

It is worth considering though that none of these things will guarantee you a beautiful set of icons custom designed for you. All they guarantee is that you can walk away if things go wrong.

Your time is as precious as the next persons, what you want is for things to go right with the first company you choose. The only guarantee you will get is picking the best icon design company you can find & be willing to work with them to achieve what you need. Any design process is a collaboration of customer & designer. A close, trusting relationship provides the best results in the shortest space of time.

Look at a company’s portfolio, read some of their testimonials, see their clients. If you still feel you need free samples & money back guarantees, you are probably not looking at the right icon design company.

Good Luck!

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