It would be surprising to find anyone who loves the smell and feel of hospitals. Doctors might hate it too if they weren’t so used to it already. One of the easiest ways to take away the nauseating effects often associated with hospitals and everything else medical-related is a rebrand. Doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and practically every other kind of medical specialist can take advantage of brilliant logo design to soothe their patients and make the medical experience a bit more pleasant.

What makes great healthcare logo design?

From private clinics to pharmaceutical companies, every firm needs to be able to stand out from the crowd in the competitive healthcare industry. A logo is a piece of marketing that some brands overlook, despite it often being the centre of a brand’s identity.

Logos are so important because they are a crucial way for a brand to instantly make a connection with a customer. A good logo helps make your brand more memorable. But what makes a perfect medical or healthcare logo?


You need a simple logo to accomplish clarity. In an age of constant distractions, no one wants to have to study a logo before they’re able to make sense of it. A design that’s too complex might make it difficult for people to form the association between your logo and your brand. A simple logo is memorable, recognisable, difficult to counterfeit, and easily converts across various media.


An engaging logo design sends a message to the customer immediately and makes an instant connection. You want to create a meaningful and authentic relationship with your audience as this will make them come back again and again. For your logo to be engaging, it must make sense to the target audience.

What healthcare logos should communicate

Let’s face it, medical visits can tend to trigger a lot of anxiety in people. When creating a logo for your medical practice, you’ll want to think about the ways in which you can design your logo to help calm any anxieties. You should aim to create an icon that is inviting and reassuring, rather than intimidating.

The best colours for healthcare logos

The most widely used colours for health-related icons include: primary colours and different shades of green. Colours with lighter saturation are often the preferred choice as they are more soothing and communicate comfort. When combining colours, you should limit yourself to between two and four colours, and they should all blend nicely with each other. Other than green, colours such as yellow or purple are a good choice to help you stand out. You might also want to try earthy tones, a more neutral palette, metallic highlights, or light blues.

Choosing the fonts for your healthcare logo

The importance of the font you use for your logo design cannot be emphasised enough. It communicates the nature and personality of your brand. When it comes to medical and healthcare logo design, the key is to keep the font simple and clean. Take a look at logos of private practices; most of them choose a simple and classic font style, conveying elegance. Apart from the style, you will also need to consider the scaling and spacing of the letters as these have different effects on the final look and feel of the logo.

Another factor that would determine the nature of your font is the name of your brand. Is the name of your brand short or long? What letters are contained in the name, and so on. If you have not picked a brand name yet, you might want to consider how your logo might look and how your domain name will read. To avoid settling on a name that is already taken or is too closely related to an existing domain, use to make sure the brand name you have in mind is available as a domain.

Experiment with shapes

Research has proven that the shape of a logo has an important role to play in the way customers feel about a product. For instance, circular designs have been found to produce a comforting effect. For a healthcare or medical logo, you might want to try switching from a horizontal format to inside a circle. The text can be wrapped around the circle or within it, while any brand imagery is placed in the centre.

Minimalism wins

Minimalism in icon design has been big for a while now and is not slowing down anytime soon. Minimalistic design is about “less is more” and has been used by big brands who are keen on appealing to a more sophisticated audience with restraint and confidence.

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