So, you’ve created the most awesome, cool and down right brilliant app, but, you’ve hit a snag. How do you promote it? Well, in this post we are here to help. Basically, you need to think like a proper entrepreneur, an entrepreneur Alan Sugar would be proud of! It’s not too difficult, just a little marketing know how and genuinely believing in the greatness of your app will help you succeed.

One good thing you’ll be pleased to hear, is that it won’t cost you the earth. There’s really no need to waste time, energy and your hard-earned cash buying up ad space for hundreds of pounds. Let’s get started.

1. Build a teaser website

This is as powerful as it is simple, as a teaser website lets you showcase the all important aspects of your app, leaving potential customers hungry for more. As Rahul Varshneya explains in Entrepreneur:

“Do this a month or two before your launch to collect email addresses of people who would like to know when the app launches.”

2. Create a blog

Creating a blog dedicated to your app and its focus is perfect, as you’ll be able to attract a wide range of attention. A simple, yet stylish WordPress blog is what we would suggest.

3. Go social media crazy

Yes, it’s time to really get active across social media, from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, a good social media campaign is the perfect starting block and enables you to craft the style and culture around your app, appealing to the right market.

Writing in Localytics, Justina Perro gives the rundown:

“Organic promotion on social media comes in the simple form of having a presence; e.g. a Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram profiles. Create accounts and start following people within your target audience and industry. Don’t spam people by being overly promotional. Instead, try to connect with your audience in a meaningful way by posting about the things they care about and joining in on the conversation.”

4. Create an eye catching promotional video

It doesn’t need to be too long and you don’t even need it to be full of SFX, just explain the finer points of your app and why people should be rushing, maybe include the positive responses from people you’ve tested the app on. Remember, hearing about how tremendous your app is from actual people is a definite winner.

5. Pitch your app to influential bloggers

The cool thing about living in a world where everyone is online, is that there’s always a blogger (or vlogger) focusing on every subject you could think of. So, pitch your app to as many influential bloggers and vloggers you can, even a short blurb on their blog about how wonderful your app is is going to really help to draw in some positive attention.

These five tips will definitely help you get your app the attention it deserves. Finally, if you’re still working on your app and need some further advice, check out our previous article on how to make your app icon stand out.

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    Great article. Love your blog. We’ve recently launched a blog of our own called Augmented Reality Cloud; your place for all things Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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