The beauty of incorporating illustrations into web design is that it can effortlessly communicate a brand’s message. As we recently wrote in a blog post focused on site illustrations and animations, “illustrations are a great tool in giving a rudimentary site a hefty injection of personality.”

Start with the basics

Choosing the right illustration for your site starts with looking at the basics. Once you have the skeletal structure of a site, and you know what message it needs to convey, it’s time to sit down with a designer. Together, you can decide what path to choose in terms of aesthetic approach.

The conversation will centre around inspirations, goals and examples of sites you want to emulate. Bring an illustrator into the mix with your designer. This makes sure you’re all on the same page and know exactly how to move forward together.

Search for inspirations

As Chris Thurman writes in Visual Swirl:

“Examples of Illustration in Web Design can be found all over inspiration galleries and the trend towards colorfully illustrated websites has only grown with the widespread adoption of modern approaches that allow for richer images and faster-loading graphics.”

A growing number of site owners have recognised the positive effects an illustration can bring, so you won’t need to look too hard to get the creative juices flowing. More and more we’re seeing illustrations ranging from the intricate and artistic to the abstract and minimalist.


What style of illustration?

There are myriad styles of illustration you can opt for and it all depends on your site’s overall style and message. A site with a serious message – say, a drug rehabilitation site – may choose cartoonish designs to soften their message and put visitors more at ease. In contrast, a site that sells expensive designer goods may choose evocative illustrations to embody a message of quality and exclusivity.

Choosing the right illustrator

Choosing the right illustrator is all important. You need to find a professional who you work well with and who will understand the desired message you want to convey to your site visitors. Although this may sound like a daunting task, (considering the thousands of illustrators out there), there are a number of portfolio networks where some of the best illustrators feature their work.

Fiverr – If you’re looking for an illustrator but don’t have a huge budget, Fiverr is one of the best sites to find professionals who offer their services for relatively low prices. Many have a few years of experience under their belt and will give you an attentive service.

Dribbble – One of the best portfolio networks out there, Dribbble is home to scores of illustrators who showcase their work. You can find a vast variety of styles and designs to suit your needs.

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