Enhance your software withCustom designed menu icons

Menu icons
Whether for Windows or Apps, menu icons improve your look and usability

Revitalize your software with gorgeous new menu icons

Whatever you need menu icons for, a mobile App, desktop software or a website; clear, meaningful menu icons will improve the user experience and help make your product more intuitive. The fact it will also look amazing is the icing on the cake, everyone likes something that looks great!

How much more enticing do you think your project will be with a beautiful set of menu icons?

One client spent 9 months and a small fortune developing new features for their products. A month before launch – almost as an afterthought – they asked us to design a new set of menu icons. Customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive for the new icons, no one noticed the new features, ouch! It just goes to show, people shop with their eyes and renewing your icons is a cost effective way to revamp tired looking software.

Getting the right team to design your icons will pay for itself in no time and no one has more experience or more icon designers to choose from than us.

Have a look at our simple icon design process, see our guide on preparing an icon design brief or get in touch with Adam for a friendly chat about your icon project.