You’ve developed your amazing softwareNow let’s sell it for you

Choose from multiple icon ideas
Providing concept sketches is all part of our icon design process

Let’s get your desktop launcher icon perfect

Your application icon is the first impression you get to make for your software. Making it a positive and welcoming one is the first step in selling your software.

This is what we do, all day every day. Our expert designers will remove any doubts or concerns you may have as we guide you through the icon design process.

Beautiful looking software instantly puts you ahead of your competitors

People love software that looks good – gorgeous icons are just so click-able! A well designed user interface and icons will also help improve usability and efficiency.

Well designed and intuitive icons can have other benefits too:

  • Makes it easier to sell!
  • Can reveal previously hidden features
  • Reduces support costs

It shouldn’t stop with your software

To really impress, you need to consider how your software is seen as a whole. This includes the obvious areas such as the user interface & menu icons – but should also include your website, infographics and promo videos.

Delivering slick looking software with good supporting media can make a huge difference to your success – and we can help you through every step of the process, creating as little or as much as you need.

Where we can help

With 8 dedicated icon designers to choose from and 15+ years specialising in icon design, we have the experience to produce icons that not only look great but clearly convey your message.

We understand how people react to imagery and colour, allowing us to get straight to the point and increase engagement, making your software the best it can be.