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Lyam Brothers

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Mixgram is a popular iOS App that compliments image sharing Apps like Instagram, by providing dozens of Collage templates and filters to better display your favorite photos. Due to the introduction of the new Instagram icon, updating Mixgram’s iOS app icon seemed like a natural progression for Lyam Brothers.

For their latest version of Mixgram, Lyam Brothers wanted to move away from the skeuomorphic style they used previously and embrace a clean and flat design. Our designers produced various concepts and styles which were finally whittled down to two favourite designs. Lyam Brothers chose to go with a colourful outline style that tips a nod to instagrams own Layout App.

Thank you very much, it looks great now!Lyam

Mixgram iOS App Icon Concept Sketches

Mixgram iOS App Icon Shortlist Light BG

Mixgram iOS App Icon Shortlist Dark BG

    Adam, Icon Designer

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