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Runbook Studio

Designed by Creative Freedom Ltd

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Kelverion provides services for customers looking to gain business advantage through the deployment of IT Process Automation Solutions, and they came to Creative Freedom needing a clean, minimalist, custom app icon designed for their Windows-based Run Studio software. After an in-depth discussion about the project, focusing on key details, we helped Kelverion select the right designer from our team and then proceeded to develop different concepts, all based on their branding and the metaphors they wanted to communicate.

Several different designs were presented and through an iterative process, our designer worked with Kelverion to hone the concept, and create a final approved design, which was then redrawn pixel perfect in each of the required icon sizes, 256, 48, 32 and 16 pixels. The individual PNG files were combined into a single Windows ICO file. The end result was an app icon that was aesthetically perfect and represented Kelverion’s vision.

Icon Concept Development

Kelverion Custom App Icon

Kelverion Custom App Icon

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