Fast loading intuituveWeb App Icons

Custom web app icons
Cleverly designed menu icons make web app navigation a breeze

Web apps need to load fast, adapt to many display sizes and remain intuitive

Whilst this presents some challenges there are many ways we can optimize your icons, either through clever lossless compression or scalable vector formats or icon fonts. There is no reason your icons cannot look amazing as well as enhance your app functionality.

Browser based applications can often have less aesthetic design restrictions imposed upon them. They are visible from any platform, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. so don’t need to follow the design cues of any particular one.

This freedom of design allows you to create something truly original, engaging & if you like, custom designed to blend seamlessly to your branding.

The project highlighted on the right, for Nalpeiron – software license management & analytics – was just one such project where the customer wanted a set of web app icons that reflected the green & black of their corporate colours.

Of course there is no reason to stick to a particular theme if you know your App will be primarily used on one platform. What you do need pay more attention to, is the user interface design, as your web app could be viewed at any size or orientation.

This is where our design team come to the fore, as we are not only leaders in icon & user interface design, we also have a long heritage of web design expertise. Knowing how to use the benefits of responsive design for websites, works equally well for web applications.

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