• Free Check Mark Icon
    Check Mark Icon
  • Free Delete Icon
    Delete Icon
  • Free Save Icon
    Save Icon
  • Free Recycle Icon
    Recycle Icon
  • Free Up Arrow Icon
    Up Arrow Icon
  • Free Down Arrow Icon
    Down Arrow Icon
  • Free Left Arrow Icon
    Left Arrow Icon
  • Free Right Arrow Icon
    Right Arrow Icon
  • Free Warning Icon
    Warning Icon
  • Free Copy Icon
    Copy Icon
  • Free Paste Icon
    Paste Icon
  • Free Photo Icon
    Image Icon
  • Free Music Icon
    Music Icon
  • Free Game Icon
    Game Icon
  • Free Home Icon
    Home Icon
  • Free Office Icon
    Office Icon
  • Free Find Icon
    Find Icon
  • Free Design Icon
    Design Icon
  • Free Paint Icon
    Paint Icon
  • Free Clock Icon
    Clock Icon

Free Menu Icons

Download your Free ‘Funktional’ menu icon set

Please help yourself to this great set of free menu icons. You can use them for anything, even in commercial projects. If you want to share this page as a thanks, that would be great!

This set of menu icons is available in 4 sizes, 48, 32, 24 & 16 pixels, PNG & ICO format. It is suitable for use in Windows, Android, iOS or even on your website. I hope you enjoy using them.

Download Free Icons (zip)

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