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RFID Scanner UI Design



Designed by Creative Freedom Ltd

job overview

TESCO approached us to consult on a new stock control system they were planning to test at their showcase store in Baldock, Hertfordshire. The system was to be trialled on TESCO’s popular F+F clothing range, using RFID scanners installed on their vehicles, in their storerooms and on portable, hand-held readers, which are used throughout the store, to precisely monitor stock levels and improve the efficiency of their ordering and restocking.

Creative Freedom was tasked with developing a new user interface for the handheld RFID scanners that would be used by TESCO staff in the storeroom and shop floor. The brief asked for a simple, clean yet colourful icon style to make it easy to identify the icons in both the bright conditions on the shop floor and darker conditions of the storerooms and outdoors.

Project Process

As an introduction to the project, TESCO demonstrated their RFID hardware at their Baldock store. We sat down with the project team to discuss the current state of the software, TESCO’s goals for the project and where we could apply our experience to improve the user experience. In our discussion with the team, we were able to precisely pinpoint the exact areas to focus on and the unique aspects to draw inspiration from.

After the meeting, we defined the design brief formally and then selected the most appropriate designers from our experienced team to work with TESCO to achieve their goals in the ambitious timescale required. Each designer interpreted the brief according to their own preferred styles and presented a number of designs for consideration. After viewing various mono-colour styles and following our advice, TESCO revised the brief and we introduced more colourful and detailed designs for consideration.

At each stage of the process the team at TESCO’s provided feedback, which helped us immensely, and through an iterative process, the initial sketches were refined through a number of rounds of revisions until we arrived at a final design they were very happy with. Creating a simplistic and functional style, which represents TESCO’s commitment to staff efficiency.

RFID Scanner App Design
The final App Icons shown on a Motorola RFID Scanner
Some of the initial icon style concepts considered by TESCO F+F
Tesco RFID App icons development
Tesco RFID App icons development

Tesco RFID App icons development

Tesco RFID App icons development

Tesco F+F IconsTesco F+F Icons

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