Stunning custom icons make your software a joy to use

Great icons sell software

People shop with their eyes - if something looks great it is far more desirable. Sometimes how an application looks can almost be more important than the App itself.

A recent client spent 9 months adding new features to their products before they asked us to create a new set of icons - almost as an afterthought. When they launched the customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive - for the new icons - no one mentioned the new features!

How much budget do you think went into the new features and how much into the new icons?

In another case users loved the new icons and raved about the new features. In fact no new features were added, the users had simply found existing features that were no longer hidden by bland, meaningless icons!

Finding the right Icon Designer for your project is critical and with 8 Icon Designers to choose from, no one gives you more choice.

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Icon Design
  • Improve Usability and UX
  • Establish & Enhance your brand
  • Make your product more desirable
  • You own the copyright, no catches

Want to know more?

Find out about our icon design process, or use the links below for more detailed information about different icon design requirements for each platform and view examples from our icon design portfolio.

Desktop App Icons

Desktop Icons

  • Windows Icons
  • Desktop Shortcut Icons
  • User Interface Design

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Mobile App Icons

App Icons

  • Android Icons
  • iOS Icons
  • Mobile UI Design

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Web Icons

Web Icons

  • Menu & Nav Icons
  • Web App Icons
  • Website Illustrations

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The perfect Icon Design team

  • EXPERIENCE - Our international clients include IBM, Thales, Northrop Grumman, O2 & Yamaha
  • CHOICE - From our dedicated team of 8 experienced Expert Icon Designers
  • PERSONAL - Adam will guide you through the entire process, from brief to delivery
  • COPYRIGHT - You own it, no catches

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Our Happy Clients

  • Sage
  • IBM
  • Texaco
  • Sikkens
  • AA
  • Dropbox
  • Thales
  • Belron

“Working with creative freedom was fun and effective, made better by possibly the most efficient project management website I have yet to work with (Icon Manager). The project was delivered on time in full and the creative freedom team were very flexible in accommodating changes”Andrew Holme, Director – Matt Black Systems