Web design is all aboutdelivering your message

Responsive web design Cambridge
One Google friendly, responsive website scaling perfectly to all devices

Your website plays a central role in your marketing strategy and is often the first impression you give to a prospective client. It is vital to make that first impression a good one, whatever device they are using.

In a competitive global market where attention spans are measured in seconds, your content is critical to your success. The right headings and copy can be the difference between engaging a new customer or sending them scuttling off to your competitors. When you type something into Google and click on a link, that website should immediately answer your question. If it doesn’t are you going to do the hard work and read through reams of dull copy or fiddly navigation to find it? Probably not and neither will your customers.

We can help you deliver a message your customers can engage with by giving them what they want with the least distractions.

Faster than fast

Your time is pretty important and the same goes for your visitors. Why should they wait for your website to load when intelligent design, efficient coding and caching could slash download times in half?

Not sure if your website loads quickly or not, check out Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom’s Website Speed Test. Remember Google likes fast mobile friendly websites, if yours performs well you will get a higher ranking.

Making intelligent decisions about content, optimizing imagery and coding efficiently all help delivery a clean and speedy experience for your visitors

Responsive design

All of our sites are designed as ‘responsive’ out of the box, giving you peace of mind that they will look just as effective on a smartphone as they do on a desktop or tablet. Google is very focused on mobile support, in fact you can now expect to be penalized for poor mobile support, so there is simply no excuse not to have a cleanly designed responsive website.

Research has also shown that smartphone users quickly tire of installing an endless number of apps, and prefer to engage with a brand via their responsive website, which is designed to work perfectly on a smartphone, or tablet, or desktop.

Mobile and tablet browsing is growing quickly which is why we design all our websites to work on mobile first, then scale and re-organise to fit desktop displays. Have a look at our website on your phone or tablet (or change the size of the browser window on your computer) to see how we manipulate the site to best fit the available browser dimensions.

Where we can help

Our team of web designers and illustrators will provide you with a quality, well built, responsive and professional site. Combined with our web icon, artwork and video services, we can truly deliver a complete service to make your brand stand out from the rest. Creative Freedom established itself as a leading Cambridge web design agency in 1999 but you don’t need to work in Cambridge to take advantage of our services, just ask our global clients.

We also deliver a full copy-writing service, can provide you with training on how to write a successful blog and a full SEO service should you require it.