let the worldsee your story

3D Sony video camera icon
Our 3D modeling skills in video can also be utilised for 3d icons and website illustration

According to some sources, by 2017 video will account for 66% of all internet traffic.

Video is a great medium for telling stories and especially powerful when combined with the web. Be it creating YouTube channels or sharing videos on Facebook and your own site it’s a sure way to tell a brand story with full engagement.

The future

More than 50% of companies already use video as part of their marketing strategy and the figure is only set to rise. YouTube and Facebook are the two largest online channels – one is dedicated to video and the other is very video-friendly. Research found that 70% of people view brands in a more interesting light after watching video content from them.

How we can help you

By using one company that can provide all that is necessary for you – from app icons to video to website design – you can commission these materials as an integrated whole, with all aspects overseen by the same hands and eyes to form an integrated whole rather than a patchwork quilt of bits and pieces often in styles that have little in common.