Enhancing your Website with custom Website Illustrations

The use illustrations can be a powerful artistic tool in web design and can make a website truly unique. Working with a good illustrator to create a design which reflects the product or service the website offers can result in a great outcome: a timeless, distinctive website which functions effectively and is great to browse and engage with.

  • Illustrations and text can be combined to create a great company identity. Using a specific typeface and colour scheme throughout a website can create some sense of brand identity, but web illustrations cement that idea in the customer’s mind, giving them a specific image that they will link to the company. You can even go one step further and incorporate illustration into the brand’s logo so that it appears on all their media. This can be helpful for physically-based companies which are just starting to go digital, as it makes the website feel like a coherent part of the overall brand design, rather than an afterthought.
  • Personality: Well-incorporated illustrations can lend personality and warmth to websites which might otherwise appear cold and corporate. Whether this is the intention of the site is a marketing decision which should be carefully thought over.
  • Create an exciting first impression: If a customer is researching several similar products or services, an attractive illustration is more likely to attract their attention than another indistinguishable corporate website.

Birdbox web illustrations

A picture says a thousand words

  • Capturing attention: In the age of the 8-second attention span, illustrations are an ideal tool for keeping customers interested in your website. An illustration which sums up your brand in image format is much more attractive to a consumer than a paragraph of text they have to plough through.
  • Informative: Illustrations can also be show instructions in a simple manner, or emphasise certain parts of your web design. For example, if your website is advertising a product, web illustrations can be used to explain the ordering process and then place emphasis on the “buy now” button. Even if the customer does not decide to buy at that particular moment, they will remember the ease of the process and be more likely to return to the website in the future.
  • Advertising your services: For web design portfolios, an illustration-based website can be an effective way of showing prospective customers one of your designs in action, and demonstrating what your design could do for their business.
  • The fun side: Illustrations can be an excellent way of adding fun and humour to web design, if this is appropriate for your purposes. Again, humorous illustrations are something memorable which will stick in the customer’s mind after they leave the site. But this element must be used with caution: inappropriate humour will backfire and leave a bad impression on the customer.

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